3 Fat Burner Lipo 6 Side Effects That Could Ruin Your Health

Fat Burner Lipo 6 Side Effects

Though we have been constantly encouraging you to go for natural fat burners if you want to target weight loss this year, the fact that you are reading this article goes on to suggest that you are looking for an easy way to that perfect frame and that is why you want to know all there is about this fat burner – Lipo 6. 

Okay… to begin with, this fat burner – Lipo 6 is available in the markets in the form of liquid capsules.

The ingredients in this fat burner – Lipo 6 are Caffeine 200 mg, Synephrine 20 mg, Guggulsterones 20 mg, Bioperine 5mg and Yohimbine 3mg.

Supposedly, the fat burner Lipo 6 is a substance that is designed to target the fat stored in the body thereby accelerating weight loss.

Fat burner Lipo 6 is used as a key ingredient by many companies manufacturing weight loss pills.

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Weight loss pills containing fat burner Lipo 6 ingredient are easily available at pharmacies and other stores that deal in health supplements…. Though it is far from qualifying as a health supplement.

Furthermore, according to the Office of Dietary Supplements, since fat burner Lipo 6 do not qualify as medicines, they do not undergo testing and other checks as other prescribed drugs do.

So we are not even sure of the quality of these pills and how they react to the human body [1].

Though the manufacturers of the weight loss pills containing fat burner Lipo 6 claim to be responsible for the effectiveness and safety of their product, it is advised to consult your doctor before consuming any fat burners including Lipo 6.

As they always keep saying… be safe than sorry. Also, as a consumer, you must do your research well and be aware of the potential threats the fat burner Lipo 6 could pose to your health if consumed.


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Potential Side Effects of Fat Burner Lipo 6

1. Ingestion of Too Much Caffeine in Your Body

Two capsules of Lipo 6 contain 200 milligrams of caffeine anhydrous, which is a pharmaceutical-grade powdered form of caffeine. 

If you take the recommended dose of four pills a day, you will have ingested 400 milligrams of caffeine every day.

Though according to the American Medical Association Council on Scientific Affairs, 400 mg of caffeine is considered moderate and safe, people who are sensitive to caffeine may experience some side effects like nervousness, anxiety or sleeplessness [2].

So, until here we were just talking about 400 mg of caffeine which is moderate and if consumed, does not pose any serious health effects. 

Now, if this amount is supplemented with the consumption of other foods or beverages that contain caffeine, you could be in deep trouble.

Caffeine sources such as coffee, cola or chocolate should be completely avoided failing which, you may tend to intake excessive amount of caffeine and experience serious side effects like breathing trouble, confusion, convulsions, rapid heartbeat, vomiting or even shock.

2. Synephrine and its Potential Health Dangers

The fat burner Lipo 6 also contains the substance Synephrine, which is found in plants and appears to mimic the fight-or-flight hormones epinephrine and norepinephrine.

If we talk about weight loss, according to the Office of Dietary Supplements, Synephrine may prove effective as a means to increase your metabolism that accelerates burning of fat/calories in your body. 

It also acts as an appetite suppressant. help increase fat-burning and metabolism and suppress appetite.

Bitter orange (synephrine) is considered a banned substance by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) [3]

While Synephrine may prove useful for weight loss, it may pose health safety concerns for many of us.

 Synephrine is known to work negatively on the blood pressure and heart rate and increase them to dangerous levels.

Consumption of Synephrine can also lead to serious health issues like chest pain, anxiety, heart attack, stroke and even death. 

According to a case study published in 2009 in the Texas Heart Institute Journal, a 24-year-old young man suffered a heart attack and fat burner Lipo 6 was found to be the cause of it.

So, to avoid landing into these serious medical conditions, it is advisable to go for natural fat burners like fat burning fruits, vegetables [4] and exercises instead of opting for artificial fat burners like Lipo 6 and other weight loss pills.

3. Side Effects Caused by Different Ingredients

Guggulsterones are known to be plant-based steroids that suppress the appetite and which is why they are used as one of the ingredients while manufacturing fat burner Lipo 6. 

Other than anorexia, guggulsterones also causes diarrhoea, abdominal pain and skin rashes [6]. People suffering from Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis should refrain from taking guggulsterones [7].

Bioperine is a trademark name for an extract of black pepper or piperine. Although this is considered safe, & increases the absorption of medicines in the body, which may lead to higher levels of medication in the blood than required.

If you are already in any form of medication, please consult your doctor before consuming fat burner Lipo 6. You should understand its potential side effects before its consumption [8]

While Yohimbine is found as an ingredient in various weight loss pills, there are not many pieces of evidence pertaining to its effectiveness for weight loss and fat burning abilities.

When you consume Yohimbine in an unregulated amount, you could experience serious side effects such as headaches, high blood pressure, heart attack or even death in a few cases [9].

So hope this article has been able to change your outlook towards weight loss and your mind from deciding to go for the weight loss pills and fat burner Lipo 6. 

Adopt healthy and natural ways to shed ways and you will find yourself feeling more beautiful and fit than ever before.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the side effects of lipo 6 fat burner for females?

A: While there might be multiple side effects of lipo 6, here are the major ones 1) Ingestion of Too Much Caffeine in Your Body which can lead to a caffeine overload 2)Synephrine and its Potential Health Dangers 3)Side Effects Caused by Different Ingredients. 4) it can cause digestive problems 5) it may lead to headaches ,anxiety , agitation , muscle and bone pain , insomnia ,dehydration, ischemic colitis and adrenal stress.

2. Which is the best fat burner supplement?

A: MuscleTech: MuscleTech fat burner supplement is a dietary supplement which is a unique blend of potent ingredients and results in better performance. This fat-burning supplement is an advanced, scientifically tested dietary supplement for weight loss that supports high energy, mental focus, and enhanced metabolism.

3. How can I burn fat quickly?

A: Here are a few foods that burn fat fast 1)fatty fish 2)green tea 3) whey protein 4)apple cider vinegar 5)olive oil. Essentially we can burn fat quickly by detoxification process.

4. Is it healthy to take fat burners?

A: These fat burner supplements are meant to aid with weight loss. Patients who desire a quick fix for obesity and think that taking over-the-counter fat burners would be beneficial outweigh the hazards.

5. How does Lipo fat burner work?

A: The fat burner Lipo 6 is a substance that is designed to target the fat stored in the body thereby accelerating weight loss.

5. Which workout is best for fat loss?

A: While the term “best” might be subjective to each person, here are a few workouts you can try for weight loss 1)walking 2)jogging or running 3)cycling 4)swimming 5)Yoga 6)aerobics 7)zumba.

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