13 Walkexercises and Walking Benefits for Weight Loss

Walking benefits for weight loss

Just to answer your question about how to lose weight, we have chosen 5 of these walking exercises for weight loss and demonstrated them for you in our brand new blog.

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Walking or brisk walking has many benefits. We list down the 13 most important of walking benefits for weight loss and general health

  • Walking is a great way to start your weight loss.
  • Walking is a very good and effective belly fat exercise.
  • Challenging walking exercises can act as a good cardiovascular exercise.
  • Walking is an easy way to tone your body and legs.
  • Regular walking can prevent constipation and other gut related problems.
  • Walking can help prevent lifestyle diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease.
  • Walking can improve your vitamin D status.
  • Improved muscle strength and stamina as you become regular at walking.
  • Certain pleasure walks can instantly uplift the mood and make you feel better
  • A quick walk-in-the-park can refresh you and your creative streak!
  • Your clothes will start fitting you better!
  • A regular walking routine can help organize your life for the better.
  • Walking can improve bonding between friends, family, and even pets!

While these are some of the walking benefits for weight loss, it is important to know what are the walking exercises that will help you reap these benefits. Read on to know more.

After feeling guilty of any indulgence and burning up wondering how to lose weight, you finally decide to take up walking with a vengeance.

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Well, even your friendly doctor or any well-meaning neighbor would suggest walking as the first level exercise

However, do you know how vigorous or brisk the walk should be to undo the damage done? We are sure you must have drawn a blank there!

Walking, the best exercise for weight loss!

Just to answer your question about how to lose weight, we have chosen 5 of these walking exercises for weight loss and demonstrated them for you in our brand new blog.

Watch, learn and walk these exercises to lose weight!

Remember to read the blog which gives you the dope on 8 more exercises you could do for weight loss.

That’s our blog but have a read about the 13 awesome walking exercises that can help you sweat those extra pounds away.

Can you really lose weight by walking 30 minutes a day?

Yes and no!

Yes if your walk on an incline or go for a challenging walk.

No, if you just walk for pleasure!

Also remember, only walking won’t yield results if your diet is not proper.

Weight loss is 80% diet and 20% physical activity.

How healthy is walking and Why is it so important to walk?

Regular walking has shown to reduce the high blood pressure by 11 points and risk of stroke by 20 – 40%.

Those who walked for 30 mins or more, 5 times a week had 30% lower risk of heart disease.

1. Treadmill walking(half an hour)

The no-excuses exercise!

Treadmill walking for weight loss
Run your way to glory and weight loss!

Treadmills are the perfect excuse for buster and exercise for weight loss! Come rain, shine, traffic or bad moods; the treadmill is right there for you to walk on.

There is continued motivation too, you can track your progress and distance. 

How to lose weight: A good 30 minute run on the treadmill is all you need to shrug away those blues and extra weight!

2. Sprint like never before for weight loss(half an hour)

Can burn up to 175 calories

Don’t get intimidated with the tag ‘sprint’. If done well, this routine can help you burn as much as 175 calories.

To start with, warm up for 5 minutes. Then walk as fast as you can for 10 minutes. Do note the distance you covered.

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Turn back and walk to the starting point at a brisk pace, slowing and cooling down as you reach.

With time and endurance, try to cover a bigger distance in 10 minutes.

How to lose weight in the long run: sprint for longer distances and see your stamina improve. 

3. The weekend walking mega calorie exercise (more than an hour)

Helps meet the recommended 2-hour physical activity/day target.

The weekend walking mega calorie exercise
Do not underestimate the might of walking exercises in weight loss

Such hour plus walking exercises can really crank up a slow metabolism to help you in weight loss.

This is our personal favourite for many reasons: It helps fulfil the recommended amount of physical activity a day (2 hours a day is what experts advice);

can help you lose more if you combine it with a gym workout, and walking on usual routes helps you meet and greet known faces.

If you want to know how to lose weight fast, then this mega calorie burn walking exercise is what you need to do!

4. Bust-that-belly walk (high-intensity 10-minute walk)

Can help reduce 5 times more belly fat than regular walking or any moderate intensity walks.

This one’s a biggie exercise to bust that all-time big bad belly fat!

This walk can help reduce the belly fat 5 times more effectively that any moderate intensity workout. So while you walk fast, you have to do these toning moves.

While walking fast, focus on drawing your belly towards your spine. Don’t hold your breath but simply that bulge in.

The 2nd tip would be to imagine that your legs extend way up your belly-button.

So as the leg swings back and forth, your hip should follow too. This causes your lower body to rotate, activating the ab muscles.

This is definitely a notch above the regular exercise for weight loss.  

5. The Super duper weight loss exercise (high-intensity walking, 10 1-minute activities)

10 high power activities jam-packed in 10 minutes

As we go higher in intensity, there is much more reward (read: weight loss and energy burning) that can be expected.

This is a mixed bag of activities. These comprise of 10 activities, all jam-packed in 10 minutes. Oh! Don’t get scared, these are easy but effective activities.

How to lose weight with this activity: Start off with a minute of moderate warm up of your choice. Then follow this activity pattern, 1 minute per activity. 

Super duper weight loss exercise
This 10-minute walking activity is what weight loss experts are talking about!


Brisk walk > jog > fast walk > jumping jacks in place > fast walk > Side jumps with feet together and in place > fast walk > jog > cool down.

6. Happiness walk (more than 10 minutes)

Mood uplifter and fat buster walk

Happiness walk helps weight loss
Connect with the earth and feel the good energies flowing

Well, this walking exercise is not called the happiness walk for anything.

A definite energy and sullen mood buster, this exercise is sure to make you feel revitalized at the end of it. Do these 3 things as you walk.

  • First, focus on the feet. Yes, feel the firm mother earth beneath your feet. You could change the venue and walk on manicured lawns for a much better feeling.
  • Next, turn your attention to breathing. Inhale, exhale and feel a renewed life being infused in you!
  • Lastly, mentally talk to yourself. Super-cleansing when accompanied by coordinated breathing.

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7. Grey matter booster walking exercise (Under 20 minutes)

Einstein’s favourite walk, if we may say!

Break the routine and your brain gets recharged. Walk up to an unknown route as you explore it;

walk sideways or backward as that will keep your brain guessing; prefer a different foot to come first over the regular pattern; do these at an increased pace. Finally, wrap it with a cool down.

8. Tree-hugger walk

Appeals to the nature-lover in you and your lungs (all that fresh oxygen)

Tree-hugger walk benefits fitness
Have you taken a breath of fresh oxygen anytime now?

Have you been mapping the city roads on foot? Time to savor mother nature in her natural setting.

Drive out of the city into a forested area and walk amidst the trees. The very thought of it makes for a rejuvenating walk.

And before you know, it helps you in weight loss too. Losing weight never got this interesting. 

9. The trekking on treadmill effort (25 minutes)

Indoor trekking and fat burning!

Want to lose weight but have no time to head for a trekking trail? Time to hike up the incline on the good old treadmill.

Start with a warm-up, then a gradual ascent then progressing to a steep climb.

However, we always suggest you do this under the supervision or under the fitness plan charted by a qualified trainer.

10. Shape those arms walking exercise (20 minutes)

Engage your arms too as you walk

arms walking exercise
Resistance bands make for a good exercise companion when walking

Have you wondered how to lose weight not just from the body but from the arms too?

Have you stayed away from that gorgeous sleeveless dress because of this? Time to get rid of the jiggly arms as you walk.

You will need an exercise band. Start with 14-minutes of easy walk. Then pick up the pace to a moderate intensity exercise for 25 reps.

You could do some of these exercises as you walk at a moderate pace.

  • Shoulder shape: Loop the band around the back and hold it with your palms up. Now extend it away from the body. Repeat.
  • Back pulldown: Hold the band overhead. Lower them behind the back, bending the elbows a bit.  Repeat.
  • Triceps toner: Hold band at shoulder height in front of you, hands wide and elbows bent at 90 degrees. Keeping upper arms still, stretch hands out.

11. Firm up that butt with this walking exercise (more than 16 minutes)

Say hello to a shapely figure. Sooner!

Walking uphill activates 25% more muscle fibres than walking on flat terrain.

Start out with a warm up and then walk up and down a hill followed by brisk walking on flat terrain.

Repeat till the desired workout time. Easy tip, the treadmill incline also helps you achieve that! 

12. Sculpt all over (25 to 40 minutes)

How to lose weight with more strength and more seriousness!

This is more of a strength training and walking kinda exercise for weight loss.

To begin with, pick out 3 strength training moves such as walking lunges, push-up, planks, power jumps from your list of favourites.

Start out with a warm up at an easy pace for 3 to 5 minutes and then walk briskly for 5 to 10 minutes.

Do 1 of the strength training moves and cool down with a brisk walk for 5 to 10 minutes. Repeat this till all the 3 strength training moves are done.

13. Indoor leg toner walking (5 minutes)

Go up and down, round and round on stairs

Indoor leg toner walking
Have you explored stairs as the exercise option for weight loss?

This is a fun step workout which you could do in the stairwells. Play an upbeat song and choreograph a climb-up-and-down to the music beats.

Repeat it 10 times with 1 foot followed by the other. You could climb sideways, run up a flight of stairs, take 2 stairs at a time or do any fun thing to get your breath heaving. 

How to lose weight with walking do you ask? We just gave you a variety of walking exercises. 

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