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11 Tips to Stay Healthy During Diwali

The festival of lights is around the corner and we certainly can’t hide our excitement.

However, with an envious spread of Diwali sweets, Diwali snacks, and other indulgent Diwali recipes; it is perfectly normal for an average person to pack in an extra few in the unwanted places.

But do not fret! There is relief at hand because we are rolling out valuable nuggets of Diwali information! All of you can celebrate the Diwali festival without the unwanted weight gain.

With a little bit of planning, we can ensure healthy eating during Deepavali festival for our families and for yourself.

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11 Tips for a Healthy Deepavali

Here are a few important tips to enjoy the Deepavali celebrations without compromising on health:

Tips for a healthy deepavali
We give you some healthy tips for a healthy Deepavali. Read on to know more


1. Exercise early on

Diwali festival healthy tips
Ways to stay healthy during diwali: Exercise early on. Source: interhealthUSA

Begin the day with a walk in the park or by doing few asana. Suryanamskar is the best way to fight exhaustion. Yoga is definitely one of the ways to stay healthy during Diwali.

2. Healthy breakfast is important

Have a high fiber/ healthy breakfast to ensure high energy throughout the day. This means you do not start indulging in the Diwali sweets and snacks early on in the morning.

3. Balance what you eat through the day

Since we eat and drink the Diwali special recipes mostly in the evenings, it is best to balance it by eating less throughout the day.

4. Make water your best friend

Drink a minimum of 3 litres of water per day. It keeps you hydrated and prevents unnecessary snacking and food cravings.

5. Healthy alternatives are the order of the festive day

Diwali festival is all about the sweets which are hard to resist. With the variety of colorful Diwali sweets around, it becomes even harder.  

Preparing these indulgences at home and that too with healthier options is the way to go.

We give you 7 simple tips for healthy eating during Deepavali festival below:

Healthy eating during the Deepavali festival
Healthy eating during the Deepavali festival: Prepare healthy sweets


1] Go nuts on nuts: Add more of almonds, walnuts, dry apricots, raisins, sunflower and sesame seeds while making the sweets. We give you some more reasons to go nuts on almonds in our blog

2] Spice is the variety of festivals: Spices like cinnamon, cardamom, saffron, black peppercorn can liven up both savory and sweet foods. Spices have shown to jack up a slow metabolism too, so indulge in them.

3] That sweet source: Buy organic jaggery or honey as a refined sugar substitute. You could also opt for unrefined sugar as well.

4] Salads and fruits during Diwali: Fresh fruit salads can be one of the Diwali special dishes. Whip up some low-fat milk unsweetened radbi to add protein and taste to it.

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5] Latoo over laddoos: You can have Possible’s healthy superfoods like flaxseed and sesame laddoos, protein-rich granola laddoo, granola bar almond and coconut, and apple and cinnamon bars as substitutes for the Diwali sweets.

You can also whip up innovative Diwali special recipes with these superfoods and serve them to your guests as well. Read more to know of some healthy laddoo recipe. 

6] High on nutrition and taste kind sweets: Diwali and weight loss becomes easy when you swap refined maida for wholesome flours like multigrain atta or Possible’s own gluten-free atta. Use them for making Diwali special halwas.

7] Healthy Diwali festival drinks:  Who says you have to serve up colas or sweetened fruit juice. You can make Diwali special food by using Possible’s Shake-A-Day.

Add this high-protein shake with a fruit and make a milkshake or an ice-cream etc. Delight your guests with this healthy decadence.

8] Diwali snacks no worry: You can make healthy snacks using Possible’s protein crispies/ chana jor / khakra etc.

6. Diwali party code

Celebrating Diwali with lavish parties will be a norm. It is advisable to never turn up for a Diwali party on an empty stomach.

You could have a light snack or have Trufiber with buttermilk or Shake-A-Day before going. This will prevent overindulgence of the food served at the party.

You could try to have most of the meal at home and just go with light snacks in the party.

7. Festivities and alcohol

Diwali and alcohol may not go hand in hand. Keep drinks to a minimum
Diwali and alcohol may not go hand in hand. Keep drinks to a minimum

This Diwali festival, avoid drinking more than 2 medium drinks of wine or other alcoholic beverages. 

Alcohol stimulates the appetite and is primarily a source of empty calories as these calories are stored preferentially as fats. Women should limit their intake to 1 medium drink.

Prefer dry wine instead of sweetened wines. If you have to go through a long evening over drinks, dilute your drinks or else take water or soda intermittently. People with diabetes should watch their alcohol intake as it can lead to hypoglycemia.

8. Salads and fruits during Diwali

Include healthy salads and fruits during Diwali as a part of the main course. If you find gulping down salads really difficult, here are 11 cheat codes to includes salads in the diet

9. Diwali special dining tips

Can’t wriggle out of Diwali festival related dining invites? Ensure you eat mostly vegetables with less or no gravies as they are loaded with fats and calories.

Try grilled, sautéed or lightly fried vegetables. If you are non-vegetarian, chose light roasted or grilled dishes.

10. Yay to healthy desserts 

Skip desserts if possible or go with a light one without much cream. Fresh fruits are a good option. Read on to know some healthy dessert options and Diwali recipes.

11. An important post-Diwali festival tip

Try to balance out the extra calories in the next 3-4 days by doing a detox diet.

Diwali is a celebration of lights as well as a variety of sweets. And it becomes very difficult to stop yourself from the lure of this festive feel.

However, we can all be a little and prevent gaining those extra unnecessary pounds that we would be guilty about right after the festival.

So, follow the above steps and enjoy Diwali in a healthy way. And if you are still unsure how to carry on the right diet, talk to a Possible Nutritionist now. The first consultation is on us. Click here.

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Suhasini Mudraganam and the Possible Dietician Team

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    Thanks for given an excellent information about the weight loss. It’s help to feel better. I hope it will works. This method I will try it in my home.

  2. jenniferlawrance says:

    Though sugar can be bad when eaten in excess, children would love the taste of sweetness. You can sprinkle a little sugar just to ensure that they eat fruits and vegetables.

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