5 Weight Loss Devices Which Have Failed The Test Of Time

weight loss machine

Let us all agree that most of us are trying hard to fit into that old pair of jeans which seems like a dream now.

Long working hours, too much work pressure and too many responsibilities have already drained our mind and body and we are left with no time for ourselves.

Obviously, with so much pressure all around we have no time to hit the gym or enrol ourselves in aerobics and Zumba classes. Thus many of us are switching to fad diets or useless weight loss devices to help us with a quick fix [1].

With an array of weight loss devices present around us, we may sometimes be tempted to try things which may end up ruining our health in the long run.

The market is flooded with weight loss devices, accessories and even fat burner tablets that promise to help burn more calories, build muscle and give us a leaner look with little effort.

We as consumers are ready to shell out money on these fancy and ‘fast weight loss accessories, but the question is do these products actually do what they claim or do they make weight loss a very confusing, frustrating, and expensive endeavour [2]?

Let us take a look at some of the most popular weight loss devices available in the market today and ask ourselves if they are worth it!

1. Sauna Belt

Does Sauna Belt really work?
Does Sauna Belt really work?

The weight-loss industry has introduced, a nearly countless assortment of weight loss devices promising fast weight loss.

The sauna belt resembles a long heating pad that fits around your waist. Once turned on, the sauna belt causes perspiration around the midsection.

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Promoters of the device believe that sauna belts can improve health and speed weight loss [3].

While the short-term weight loss may be encouraging, the sauna belt can also cause side effects that may make you think twice before wearing one.

These side effects include increased body temperature, skin conditions like rashes, burns, dehydration and electrolyte imbalance [4].

2. Shake Weights

The shake weight is a dumbbell in which the weights on either end are attached to the handle by a spring [5].

It can either be purchased online or at some retail stores.

Apparently, it is switched on and the vibration helps in losing weight, which according to health experts is completely baseless.

The manufacturing company claims that the shake weight for women results in lean muscle, which implies fat loss, while it also claims that men experience an increase in muscle mass.

Can Shake Weights help?
Can Shake Weights help?

However, the workout program of only 6 minutes is not enough to burn a significant amount of fat nor is there enough weight to increase muscle mass.

As a matter of fact, you will end up getting a greater amount of movement with traditional weight training methods. The shaking motion of the device is unnatural and may cause muscle spasms that could cause injury [6].

3. Sauna Suites

Sauna Suites for weight loss aren't that helpful!
Sauna Suites for weight loss aren’t that helpful!

A sauna suit is a sort of tracksuit which is made entirely of waterproof fabric. The main concept behind sauna suit is losing weight quickly.

The primary benefit of sauna suite is that they can help you lose weight but only for short term. In the long run, there are no effects or benefits of this suit [7].

In fact, regular use of sauna suit can result in dehydration, kidney failure, electrolyte imbalance, skin irritation, mild to severe rashes, muscle pain or even heart stroke [8]

4. Ab Crunch Machine

Ab Crunch Machines for weight loss
Ab Crunch Machines for weight loss

Six-pack abs might come at a steep cost. If you are practising the wrong ab exercises or over-stressing your abdominal muscles, you could be doing you more harm than good [9].

Avoid the negative side effects of ab exercises with a carefully selected workout routine, and by paying close attention to your body. The ab machine can be awkward and injurious.

Users of different heights and fitness levels often have a difficult time activating their abdominal muscles correctly.

These machines work only on the outer abs and not on the deeper muscles so there are fewer chances of getting a toned muscle. Instead, you can do planks that offer a much more natural alternative to build strength and core muscles [10].

5. The Seated Leg Extension

The Seated Leg Extension for reducing inches
The Seated Leg Extension for reducing inches

This can put your knees at high risk. Most machines force you to move the way the machine moves putting stress on the knees which contributes to muscle imbalances.

Instead, choose a move that strengthens and stabilizes the hips and promotes functional movements like lunges and squats. Shaping up doesn’t mean getting burned or injured.

A few useful tips for you before you foray into the weight loss device market and get swayed by their fake promises.

1. Don’t believe the hype

2. Remember that results take time

3. Be weary of reviews

4. Know your body and stick to what works for you

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3 Most Useful Weight Loss Machines 

Useful Weight Loss Machines
Useful Weight Loss Machines

1. Treadmill

If you are chasing a weight loss goal, a treadmill should definitely be one of your prized possessions. It is one of the ideal forms of cardio exercises that promote healthy and consistent weight loss.

Not only weight loss, walking or running on the treadmill also enhances your stamina. The treadmill is very easy to use provided the users are cautious while using it.

2. Cross Trainer

Cross trainer focuses on the movement and stimulation of the entire body without focusing on any particular body part.

A cross trainer is also extremely simple to use and unlike the treadmill, it does not pose any threat of injury to your body.

3. Stationary Bicycle

Stationary cycling provides you with the benefits of cycling minus the exposure to pollution prevalent outside.

The best part of the stationary bicycle is that it is easy to use, portable and can be placed wherever you wish it to be and aimfully works towards making your weight loss goals a success.

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