5 Reasons Why You Should Give Body Re-composition A Try

Benefits of body re-composition

Body re-composition is the process of reducing body fat and adding muscle mass. In simple words when a fat person transforms into a lean person while maintaining or gaining muscle, it is an example of body re-composition.

It is also called re-comp. Re-comping is a great alternative to following crash diets. The best option to achieve your goals if you have the patience and the perseverance to follow it sincerely.  

A goal which was not possible with yo-yo dieting and bulk and cut cycles in the past. 

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A certain amount of calories is needed by your body every day to perform all the functions to help you stay fit and healthy and boost your muscle growth. The unused calories will be stored in the body as body fat. So your body should be fed with the right amount of calories to build muscle, and it should also lose the right amount of calories to burn fat.

If you do not get the right amount of calories from your food, then your body fat will provide you with it. This is how you lose fat to build that muscle. The body re-composition techniques trim your fat and boost the number of calories you burn throughout the day. They even help to increase your strength.

There are lots of health benefits if you follow a proper re-composition regimen. The Excess fat leads to a series of health issues and may increase the risk of heart diseases, diabetes, hypertension and cancer.

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So one should have a healthy ratio of muscle mass to body fat for enjoying good health and to decrease the risk of life-threatening illnesses. A combination of strength training exercises and a diet of whole-foods and high protein produces the best results.

Strength training helps to build strength and muscle mass. So strength training exercises and muscle building exercises must be done two or three days per week along with interval training once or two days per week.

This combination of training leads to fat loss and increases muscle mass and strength.

The excess fat in the body increases the chances of many chronic diseases affecting the person. It not only causes physical problems but disturbs the person psychologically too. A fat person becomes extremely conscious of themselves when people make fun of his overweight body.

His emotional well-being gets affected too. Nevertheless, it is not the end of the road for him. He can lose excess body fat by consuming fewer calories or expending more energy to create a deficit in calories. But it will not help to preserve his muscle mass even if he engages in long hours of cardiovascular exercise or drastically cuts down on the number of calories.

The secret to a good physique is to moderately decrease your calorie intake and indulge in strength training. Strength training exercises build muscle mass and also help to lose fat.

Here are 5 reasons why you should give body re-composition a try –

1. Improving the physique

We should thank the media and social networking sites for creating awareness about body re-composition. People posting their pictures on Instagram and Facebook looking stronger and fitter is proof that this regimen works.

An actor with a good physique has the advantage of getting good roles in films and the sportsmen will have the advantage to do well in their respective fields.

Apart from the physique, the sportsmen will have the stamina and the endurance for strenuous physical activities. Everybody is keen to follow this training.

Interestingly this way of training and eating is not exactly new as bodybuilders, weightlifters and professional sportsmen have been following this regimen of strength training and nutrition for a long time. Now the fitness industry is taking it to new heights.

2. Fitness and for good health

An active and fit human
An active and fit human

Re-composition in Body focuses on eating food high in protein and less in calories. By consuming a hypo caloric diet rich in protein helps to lose fat and to maintain the right amount of muscle mass in the body.

It also focuses on eating the right food such as food rich in fiber and avoiding processed foods, food rich in carbohydrates and junk food like bakery items, chips and candies. Eating fiber every day can help to decrease body fats especially in the belly region

3.The Increasing strength and bone density in women

Crucial for older women to go for body re-composition. Women have smaller bones than men and are prone to osteoporosis early in their lives when their estrogen levels decrease and menopause sets in.

Resistance based weight training and optimizing proteins, carbs and healthy fat, allow women to increase lean muscle mass, strength and bone density.

4. For well-being

Resistance training helps to exercise every part of your body. boosts your self-confidence, increases your self-esteem and your mood. 

Improves your sleep and prevents insomnia. increases your stamina and enhances the performance of your daily tasks. helps to reduce cognitive decline in older people.

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5. To reduce the risk of life-threatening diseases

Lowers blood pressure and helps to maintain a healthy weight and reduces cholesterol levels thus preventing heart disease and hypertension. It helps insulin lower your blood sugar level thus preventing diabetes. It decreases back pain and arthritis by protecting bone health and muscle mass. It can also help control the frequency and severity of asthma attacks. 

In Body, re-composition needs vary from person to person and on the individual’s interest and goal. Diet and exercise also vary accordingly. A lean athlete who wants to have more muscle on his body needs to cut fat from his diet while an overweight person who wants to look toned up, needs to cut fat from his body.

The dietary habits and the exercise regimen of an overweight person will be different from a lean athlete.

One should find the right balance between exercise and diet for body re-composition. Everyone can benefit from body re-composition regardless of the amount of fat one wishes to lose or the amount of muscle one wishes to gain.

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