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6 Signs That You Might Be Suffering From Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Leading Weight Gain

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Excessive tiredness, inability to even do the minimal amount of task and unable to think properly all point to chronic fatigue syndrome. It can lead to weight gain and depression, both of which are detrimental to healthy living. There’s general tiredness, and then there’s the feeling where you are unable to function at all because you […]

High Blood Pressure (Hypertension): Symptoms, Causes & Treatment

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One hard fact about hypertension or high blood pressure is that it is a silent killer. In 90% of patients, there is no known cause for hypertension and this makes it even more important to be alert.  It is often considered as a lifestyle disease with every third person we meet suffering from it. Hypertension or high […]

7 Ways To Relax and De-Stress When You Are a New Mom

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So you are a new mom. You are thrilled to finally hold your bundle of joy. You cannot get enough of your baby. Then suddenly exhaustion hits you, you feel stressed and you wish for some peace and quiet when you could just close your eyes and sleep. But your new baby’s routine – what […]

13 Stress busting foods and Stress Management Tips: A World Stress Awareness Day special

Stress Managing Foods

Stress is common and sometimes needed to help you go that extra mile. But that doesn’t make stress a good thing. Stop stressing about stress because Possible’s Senior Dietician Priya Deena George has put together a list of 13 foods to eat and other stress management tips. Stress just comes across as a strong feeling […]

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