Fastest Ways To Lose Weight Naturally

Nobody wants to be left behind in this competitive era of being the wealthiest, smartest and healthiest. We are in a consistent race with ourselves and others in achieving more and more in lesser time. Being FAST is the mantra to outsmart everything and everyone.

This mantra also applies very aptly to our urge to get fit and healthy. Nobody has much time to put in extra efforts in slow result-oriented methods of losing weight. Many of us are determined to lose weight but often get discouraged by the amount of time it takes. Well if you are also one of these, we have good news for you.

This article will highlight some fastest ways to lose weight naturally. So delay no more and read on.

Habits go a long way in determining the quality of the life you live. Try to embrace the good ones and chuck the bad ones. To lose weight naturally, you need to make the required changes to your:

  • Food habits
  • Exercise regime
  • Lifestyle

If you succeed in making and maintaining a nearly perfect balance between these three, it will open your doors to healthfulness. Below mentioned are the top 12 ways to figure out this balance in your life and to lose weight rapidly and naturally.

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Top 12 ways to lose weight naturally and rapidly

1. Set a time for your meals

If you can set a proper and exact time for your healthy meals throughout the day, you will never be tempted to eat any random junk coming your way.

Healthy plan to lose weight naturally
Healthy plan to lose weight naturally

Eat what is right for your body, and you will never gain weight. Reinvent yourself as a slow eater and eat mindfully.

2. Eat more fruits and vegetables

As much as you are tempted to eat processed foods to save time and effort, it is doing more harm than you know. Include more fruits and vegetables in your diet as these contain plenty of water and fibre. Also, raw foods are known to reduce inflammation and detoxify your body.

3. Follow the 80/20 rule

You are what you eat. Therefore, 80% of your diet must be organic and home cooked food to ensure you are eating healthy most of the times. You can reserve the remaining 20% for junk foods to satisfy your binges once in a while.

4. Cut back on sugar and starches

The idea is that if you eat less sugar, in addition to eating fewer calories, your body will start feeding on stored fat instead of burning carbs for calories. Consuming low-carbs will lower your insulin levels, causing kidneys to shed excess sodium. To sum it up, cutting on carbs puts the fat loss on autopilot.

5. Practice portion control

Use smaller plates to eat. Eat to satisfy your hunger while still leaving some room in your stomach. Practice mindful eating by not merging TV time and dining time. Eat fewer calories than you burn. Have a balanced bedtime meal and try to eat before dawn.

6. Watch your calorie intake

Keep a journal to record what all you are eating throughout the day. Cut down on condiments and fill up on veggies. Eat only at meals, reduce the snacks intervals. Download a calorie calculator to be aware of how many calories you are consuming at each meal. If you keep track of the calories that eat food item brings to your plate, you will be able to make smarter choices and thereby eat healthily.

7. Exercise regularly

Exercise at least four days a week. Start a gym workout or indulge in at-home exercise workout. Stay consistent with whatever keeps you rolling. Keep changing the exercises to keep up the motivation. Switch between aerobics, Zumba, weight lifting, stretching and running workout regimes.

8. Be active outside the gym

Apart from your regular workout routine, incorporate some minor lifestyle changes for the best results.

Be active, apart from workout
Be active, apart from workout
  • Walk to work if it is not too far
  • Take the stairs instead of lifts
  • Go for morning or evening walks
  • Stand more, keep moving your ligaments every once in a while even at work
  • Clean your house yourself

9. Cut down on alcohol

Booze delivers seven calories per gran more than carbs or proteins (4 calories per gram). Restrict yourself to only a few couples of drinks occasionally.

10. Drink plenty of water

Keep yourself well hydrated. Drink up to 2-3 litres of water daily. There is no greater miracle drink than water itself. Water intake stimulates our antidiuretic hormones constantly regulating and balancing the amount of water in our blood. Drink a glass of water 15-20 minutes before each meal. Apart from filling you up to a little, it will help in the faster processing of the food you eat.

11. Make an extra effort to manage stress

Try to keep stress to as minimum as possible. This is because Cortisol, the stress hormone, stokes your appetite for sugary and fatty foods. Also, stock up on healthy foods and snacks. Most of us turn to binge when stressed out. Healthy snacks will help us avoid everything and anything in sight.

12. Get proper sleep

For a healthy mind and body, it is advisable to sleep for at least 7-8 hours at night. Give your body some time to recover from daily stress and fatigue. Let your mind relax by avoiding the use of technical gadgets before bedtime and enjoy a sound sleep to wake up fresh the next morning.

A healthy lifestyle doesn’t come easily to anyone. We have to make small changes in your daily routine one at a time. Keep practising the healthy tips and eventually progress towards an effective and natural weight loss journey. Every time you feel like quitting, try remembering what triggered you to start it all.

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Q. Is it possible to lose weight naturally?

A.Yes. It is the most healthy and sustainable way to weight loss. Small changes like timely sleep to balanced diet and exercise, helps in weight loss.

Q. How can lifestyle changes affect weight loss?

A. At present, disturbances in lifestyle cause metabolic fluctuations resulting in weight gain. Therefore, modifications like doing meditation, brisk walking, timely sleep, hydration and balanced diet, are the key to weight loss.

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