10 Easy To Follow Health Tips For How To Lose Weight!

Health Tips to Lose Weight

Medically reviewed by Shanmukha PriyaM.Phil and Ph.D. in Food Science and Nutrition

Are you looking for How to lose weight? Be careful in the pursuit of FAST, you may be left behind with FATS!

Although I just scrambled fast for you, opting for faulty weight loss diets and tips can indeed leave you with just fats.

How to lose weight fast could be your priority, however, you shouldn’t lose it at the stake of your health. It is not impossible to shed pounds fast without going for extreme diets or starvation.

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Don’t believe us? We have compiled here a list of 10 healthy and easily manageable ways to lose weight fast. Try them and thank us later.

10 Best Ways to Lose Weight Quick!

1. Drink enough water to lose weight!

Drink enough water to lose weight
Drink enough water

The underrated water features on top of our weight loss must-do list. Although everyone talks about a healthy diet, a diet is  truly healthy when you consume enough water.

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Follow this simple rule, whenever you feel hungry, drink water. Sometimes thirst can be disguised as hunger too.

The temperature of the water can also help to lose weight. When you feel like drinking colas, opt for a glass of cold water. Drinking hot water throughout the day helps eliminate toxins and keeps weight gain at bay.

Takeaway points:

Drink water when hungry, drink water before major meals, choose a glass of cold water when you are craving for colas, fruit juice etc. Keep drinking hot water throughout the day!

Make it interesting:

Add a dash of lime / add chopped cucumbers, mint, watermelon wedge in your water/ add a wedge of orange/ make a berry laced water with strawberry.

2. Always have fulfilling breakfasts

This could be a cliche but eating a heavy breakfast helps you in losing weight fast.

Eating a heavy meal at the start of the day can prevent overeating as the day progresses and thus greatly helps to lose weight.

Research finds that our body, skipping breakfasts can cause weight gain and obesity. [2]  

What happens next, it slows down our systems. So when you wolf down lunch, all that is getting stored as fat.

So much for your weight loss!

Have fulfilling breakfasts
Have fulfilling breakfasts

Hence, even if you are not hungry early in the morning, reach out for a glass of oats or scrambled egg, smoothies or even the night’s leftovers are a good bet.

Takeaway points:

At least grab a glass of oats in milk; scrambled egg with a toast; fruit smoothies; or the night’s leftover as breakfast.

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3. Include 5 servings of fruits and Veggies

Have 5 servings fruits and Veggies
Have 5 servings fruits and Veggies

The World Health Organisation and Food and Agriculture of the United Nation recommend consuming at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables is a must. [3] Another way to look at it is to consume 2 ½ cups of vegetables and fruits in a day.

If you stick to it, you will realise you hardly have the appetite for anything else. Filling up on fibrous veggies like cabbage, broccoli, beets can ward off hunger whereas killing off a sweet tooth with fruits is a good way to avoid desserts.

Takeaway points:

Either consume 5 servings of fruits and veggies/day or 2 ½ cups of them a day. Fibrous veggies like cabbage, broccoli, beets are much better. Feel like having sweets, consume a cut fruit.

4. Ditch post-meal desserts 

So you have a sweet tooth, is it? Before you reach out for the fried ones dipped in sugar syrup, stop! Count to 10 and walk away. Instead, go over to the fruit counter and chop yourself a ripe juicy piece of fruit! However, be cautious in the amounts.

After all, even fruits have sugar and eating a fruit after a meal can spike your blood sugars up too. So for the occasional indulgence, choose fruit.

Takeaway points:

Walk away from fried and sweet desserts. Instead, chop a juicy fruit and devour it.

5. Give up gassy fizzy drinks

Avoid the gassy fizzy drinks
Avoid the gassy fizzy drinks

It should read such on a sugar-free product package: Sugar-free but loaded-with-health-issues. Do not believe us, read up the scary facts here.

Not just that, ditch fizzy gassy drinks too if you want to lose weight fast. Contrary to what they promise, these foods zap your energy in no time.

Do yourself a favour, go drink a glass of water; eat a chilled wedge of a juicy fruit like watermelon or drink a glass of cold coffee (with low-fat milk for calcium)

Takeaway points:

Artificially sweetened drinks pack in chemicals; fizzy gassy drinks are energy drainers. Choose water; cold milk /coffee, or a chilled watermelon wedge instead.

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6. Go SLOW while chewing your food

Yes, that is how slowly we advise! It has been proven that eating slowly gives time to your stomach to communicate that you are full and hence improves satiety that helps to lose weight. [1] 

And while you are at it, nix distractions like that sitcom on the television; WhatsApp pings;

Facebook updates or even an interesting snap!You can alternatively do the following: after taking the first serving set a timer for 15 minutes.

If you have finished the first serving, wait till the timer goes off and ask yourself ‘are you really hungry for seconds?’

Takeaway points:

Switch off the TV and the internet. Chew the food slowly. Set a 15-minute timer after you have taken the first serving. If you are done before, ask if you are really hungry enough for seconds.

7. Do the HIT workout 

Follow HIIT workout regime
Follow HIIT workout regime

Time crunch, laziness keeping you away from exercises to lose weight? Time to do the high-intensity interval training (HIIT), sometimes also referred as accumulator workout. It is high in intensity for short periods and burns maximum calories.[4

These are some of the other exercises you could do for weight loss and you can also mix it up with this accumulator workout video! Happy exercising.

Takeaway points:

HIIT of the flab now!

8. Get enough sleep

Get enough sleep
Get enough sleep

One of the easiest ways to lose weight! Definitely! Gone are the days that sleep is only for the lazies! Snooze for 8 hours regularly.

Did you know, people with messed up sleep routine or with little sleep have a major hormonal cocktail going on?

The result: increase in the levels of hormones which trigger hunger and reduction in the levels which signal satiety. For all those highly stressed sleepless people, here are 3 exercises to make you sleep better

9.  Fi(b)re it Up like a Pro(tein) to lose weight

Include Fibre and Protein to reduce belly fat
Include Fibre and Protein to reduce belly fat

We mean include more of fibre and protein into your diet in order to lose weight. Both of them help you feel full sooner by eating only a small portion. So go nuts on nuts, lean meat, whole grains, fruits and veggies with edible peels.

Another tip is while choosing dals, do not opt for the split or polished variety. Opt for whole legumes that come with a non-attractive cover. That will also boost fibre intake!

Takeaway points:

Nuts, lean meat, whole grains, fruits and veggies with edible peels, do not opt for the split or polished variety of dals: All good sources of fibre and protein.

10. Say goodbye to salty snacks

Let us tell you a simple equation, too much salt = water retention = not effective weight loss.

Also, most of the time, the snacks which are high in salt are most probably fried too, which is a total no-no if you want to lose weight.

Veggie sticks or homemade crisps with salt and fat control work the best.

Did you know detoxifying your body can even help you to lose 1-2 kgs? You can see that yourself by following Possible’s detox phase to lose weight in 10 days! Book a free Nutritionist consultation here!

Takeaway points:

Have a savoury craving, make the snack at home!

Avoid salty snacks to lose belly fat
Avoid salty snacks to lose belly fat

Diets are not like clothes that you try them on for a while when in fashion and then ditch them. Diets or eating healthy is a way of life.

Doesn’t mean you try on different exotic diets or ingredients. Try tweaking home cooked foods to ensure the foods help you lose weight.

Alternatively, God has blessed us with superfoods which will aid you to lose weight.Here is a list of 9 superfoods which can be incorporated into the diet.So there you go, 10 super awesome and easy ways to weight loss fast! Try them on now!

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