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Home Remedies for Weight Loss

Medically reviewed by Shanmukha PriyaM.Phil and Ph.D. in Food Science and Nutrition

Weight loss is a journey and can be a really long and tiresome journey for some. Lots of people try one method or the other but sometimes, it just doesn’t work out.

People try dieting, exercising and what not without understanding that weight loss depends on a lot of factors [1]. So, here at Possible, we bring you an exhaustive list of home remedies for weight loss.

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1. Addition of Proteins

Include proteins to your diet-Home remedy for weight loss
Include proteins in your diet

When we eat proteins, our body works hard to digest it thus burning down the body fat along with it.

A high protein diet keeps you full for a longer period of time along with keeping you energized through the day.

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Eggs, chicken or even a protein shake may do the magic trick of keeping you satiated along with aiding the desired weight loss [2]. This is an easy to follow home remedy for weight loss.

2. Avoiding Processed Foods

Processed foods are high in sugar along with being high on calories and fat components.

Processed foods are designed to induce incessant cravings in the consumer and make them crave for processed food more and more [3].

Thus, one of the easy home remedies for weight loss is to avoid processed food as much as you can.

3. Store Healthy Foods at Home

Our eating pattern depends a lot on the kind of food we stock up at home. If we have junk and processed foods stored in our cupboards and fridges, we tend to binge on them.

Another easy home remedy for weight loss is to stack up on natural foods and snacks like yoghurt, nuts, fresh fruits and vegetables. Also, seeds like chia seeds greatly act as easy home remedies for weight loss [4].

4. Minimize Your Intake of Sugar

Sugar is a major contributor towards causing cancer and type-2 diabetes in human bodies. Major sources of sugar are cola, chocolates and other foods such as doughnuts, bakery items, energy bars, etc.

A lot of times, there are hidden sugars in foods that go unnoticed and we end up consuming them unnecessarily [5].

 So another home remedy for weight loss is to check our sugar intake, which poses a major health hazard for human bodies.  

5. Drinking 6-8 Tall Glasses of Water Every day

Drink enough water throughout the day-Home remedy for weight loss
Drink enough water throughout the day

It is rightly said that the more you drink, the more you shrink. Water is a great enabler for weight loss.

Having a glass of water just before your meals actually reduces your appetite and enables you to have a lesser amount of food [6].

 It is also highly beneficial when it replaces sugary and fatty drinks. So here are another home remedies for weight loss from Possible!

6. Consuming Unsweetened Coffee

Coffee is an extremely healthy beverage, which is loaded with antioxidants. Drinking coffee supports weight loss as much as it aids burning of calories.

Black coffee is a great energizer that also helps in the reduction of weight. Consumption of coffee makes you feel full along with giving a feeling of satisfaction to the body [7]. This is yet another home remedies for weight loss.

7. Sip on Green Tea

Sipping on green tea loads your body with antioxidants. Green tea is a natural drink, which offers a host of benefits to the human body, including the burning of fat and weight loss.

Consuming green tea increases the body’s effort to burn fat, which helps in the removal of those unwanted calories and weight, especially the rigid weight from the belly [8].

Matcha green tea is powdered green tea that offers more health benefits than regular green tea. This one is again a home remedy for weight loss. Here’s a video to know the 5 Facts About Green Tea. 

8. Consume Coconut Oil One in a While

Coconut oil boosts your metabolic rate and enables you to take fewer calories. It also reduces the harmful belly fat. You may consider replacing some of the fats you are commonly using at home with coconut oil.

The best part is that coconut oil tastes great and offers a goodness like weight loss which is so hard to achieve. If you are someone who likes nutty flavours, this are home remedies for weight loss is for you.

9. Engage in a Cardio Exercise

Cardio exercises include jogging, running, cycling, brisk walking, etc. Engaging in these exercises not only boost your physical health but your mental health as well.

Cardio exercises apart from protecting the heart, also greatly reduce your body weight. Practising Yoga also stabilizes the mind and the weight.

Engaging in exercises 5 times a week will do a whole lot of wonders for your body and its increasing weight. So we just gave you another home remedy for weight loss.

10. Usage of Whey Protein

If you think you are not getting your required protein intake from your regular diet, try consuming a whey protein supplement, another home remedy for weight loss

It is consumed mainly by people looking to increase their muscle mass.

But be careful while buying your protein shake as there are lots available today in the market with added sugar, additives and preservatives.

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  1. Jessica Lawrence says:

    Accumass consumption helped me to gain my weight within one month. Last month I had 43 kgs and this month the weight is 51 kgs. Thanks.

  2. Deep Shikha says:

    Hey Saba, I am vegetarian. Can you please tell me some vegetarian sources of protein. I would be thankful.

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