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Food Habits To Keep Eating To Lose Weight

Medical Reviewed by Sindhu Vas,Post Graduate in Nutrition and Food science

Eating to lose weight? Did I hear it right? What has eating got to do with losing weight? Isn’t that a question many of us ask ourselves when we come across topics like these?

As a matter of fact, eating and eating right & clean is probably the most crucial step towards losing weight.

Many times, you must have noticed not even an iota of movement in the weighing scale even if you have worked out like a pro through the month.

Left wondering why? It is probably because you have either not followed the mantra of eating to lose weight or eating right to lose weight!

According to experts, losing weight is about 70% of your diet and 30% about the exercises.

So naturally, if the eating to lose weight is absent, most chances are that the exercising part will have less than a little effect on the success of your weight loss program.

Thus, in this article, we would focus on how eating to lose weight helps and what to eat to actually fasten the process of your weight loss.

Eating To Lose Weight
Eating To Lose Weight

1. Eat Fat Burning Foods

We have a whole list of fat burning foods for Indians, weight loss drinks, weight loss recipes available on our Possible website [1], which you can consult and actually pick and choose from the plethora of options made available to you.

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Eating to lose weight is pertinent to your weight loss agenda and for this as well as for revision sake, we again list out a few fat burning foods for you here.  

So a few foods that burn fat are peppers, green tea, black coffee, whole grains, quinoa, oats, grapefruit & other citrus fruits, lean poultry & fish rich in omega-3 oil, beans & lentils, berries, apples, almonds, almond milk & almond butter, eggs, greek yogurt, spinach, Broccoli, onions, pineapples, carrots, various such as flax seeds & chia seeds, celery and many more.   

2. Want To Try Eating To Lose Weight? Plan Your Meals Well

Planning makes your goal clearer and sets the mood for the upcoming event. Take weight loss program as an event you are looking forward to and plan well for it.

Sit down and make a weekly chart for your meals and you will see that it gets you motivated for the journey [2].

It surely eases out the everyday worry of what you are going to eat today! If you don’t have meal plans clearly chalked out, there are high chances that you will stick to it.

Failing this, you will definitely end up eating something or the other which will crash away from your clean eating program.

3. Watch Your Everyday Calorie Intake

Now another important aspect to be considered while preparing your eating to lose weight weekly plan is the number of calories you are planning to consume every day [3].

Now how do we set the everyday calorie goal? It is simple: just add a ‘zero’ at the end of your desired weight and that is the number of calorie intake you should restrict yourself to every day.

So suppose your desired weight is 100 pounds, you must not go beyond an intake of 1000 calories per day. If you cross this threshold, your body will go into the preservation mode and will hold on to the fat instead of burning it.

4. Drink At Least 3 Litres of Water every day

It is a proven fact that water increases your metabolism. Moreover, it acts as a filler, flushes your system and keeps you hydrated.

Drinking water before every meal is a great idea as it fills you up and suppresses your appetite [4]. So having a good amount of water every day is an excellent step towards losing weight.

5. Include Probiotic Yogurt 

Digestion of food is greatly enhanced by the bacteria present in the gut. Any imbalance in the number of bacteria can disrupt the digestion leading to an inflated belly.

Probiotic yogurt helps in proper functioning of the bowels and intestines easing the digestion process [5].

Also, it suppresses sugar cravings, which is a great blessing for our eating to lose weight program.

6. Don’t Forget Your Fiber

Fibers, if consumed regularly and in a good quantity, prevent constipation and ease digestion. Have them in breakfast to get a flatter belly.

All fruits and vegetables contain fiber but mainly concentrated in their skin and seeds.

Thus, you are always advised to consume fruits and vegetables with their skins, to aid more consumption of fibers and thus, eating to lose weight goals.

For instance, an unpeeled apple or cucumber has more fiber than a peeled banana or mango.

7. Include Good Fats In Your Diets

Good fats are good for the heart and keep you feeling full for longer. Suppressed hunger naturally means less binge eating and helps you keep your calorie intake in check.

Walnuts are also high on mono-saturated acids, which should be included in your eating to lose weight program.

8. Take A Protein Rich Diet

Lean protein such as fish, chicken, and turkey are rich sources of protein that should be included in your eating to lose weight program.

Protein is an essential nutrient for the body that keeps you feeling full for a longer period of time [6].

Having a protein-rich meal leaves the person more satiated than someone who has a low protein meal.

You can even include vegetarian options rich in protein such as beans and lentils to your meals. Additional proteins mean more muscles and less fat in the body.

9. Sip On Green Tea

Take at least 3-4 cups of green tea every day for maintaining your eating to weight loss program [7]. Green tea is rich in antioxidants, which greatly helps in weight loss and keeps your system clear of toxins.

Green tea drinkers are found to have less belly fat than the ones who did not consume green tea on a regular basis.

So here are 9 eating and drinking habits you must cultivate in order to lose weight and maintain a healthy body.

So follow these tips religiously and your flat belly is not far away.

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