10 Simple Slim Tips To Get That Body You Always Dreamt Of

Simple slimming tips for health

Have a photogenic face but don’t like your pictures… thanks to the double chin or the fat belly that appeared on the image?

Yes.. many of us go through this day in and day out! An impressively chiseled body is something all of us crave for but don’t have an idea how to acquire it.

We go on taking slim tips from that friend who managed to lose a whopping 40 kgs in a year but don’t actually have the motivation to follow the rigorous routine he/she followed in order to achieve their targeted weight.

The simple reason for this most of the times is that the slim tips we get from the horse’s mouth may be too rigorous and intense for us to follow.

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So, in this article, we bring to you 10 simple slim tips following which, may lead you to reach closer to your dream body but in a consistent manner.

This may also take time but the weight loss would be long-term without affecting your health in the future because what we are talking about in the following slim tips is a bit of lifestyle adjustment here and there, and not a crash diet or body burning exercises.    

Fitness health tips
Slim Tips for Health

1. Drink Plenty of Water

Dehydration often misleads us to eating or binging, which is extremely unhealthy and hinders your slimming process [1].

When there is less than required water in our system, we tend to confuse thirst with hunger and pop something unhealthy into our mouth.

Here can find some Drinking water benefits.

Drinking water benefits
Drinking Water Benefits

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So the best way to avoid this is to drink lots of water every day! You can also start consuming warm water with lemon in the morning on empty stomach for an accelerated weight loss process [2].

This may seem like a small slim tip but in reality, it works wonders for your body, especially if you are looking to lose weight.

Another slim tip is to have a glass of water before your meals. Doing this keeps you full and you don’t tend to overeat during your meals. 

2. Steer Clear of Sugary and Carbonated Drinks

Soft drinks sugary in nature contain empty calories and should be absolutely avoided [3].

They increase the blood sugar levels and hence, should be avoided as much as possible.

Another slim tip is that consumption of sugar should be completely avoided. Use natural forms of sugar such as sugar and jaggery.

Switch from unhealthy colas and other sugar-containing beverages to healthy options like chhaas and salty lemon drink.

By cutting down sugar from your diet, you will see a visible reduction in your weight in a couple of months.

3. Avoid Having Fatty Meats

This slim tip is for all you meat lovers out there.. Try replacing fatty meats like red meat with a leaner form of meat, which is chicken or turkey breast [4].

In cooking, creativity is the way to go and you HAVE to creative when you wish to curtain your favourite foods because you want to shed those pounds.

Try cooking your lean meats with different sauces and spices.

4. Go For Whole Fruits Instead of Fruit Juices

This slim tip is based on the fact that fruit juices are devoid of healthy nutrients including fiber, which get discarded when the fruit is made into juice [5].

Packed fruit juices are high in sugar and can thus, counter the effectiveness of your weight loss journey.

5. Increase the Intake of Omega 3, 6 and 9 Fatty Acids

Because our body needs these fatty acids, we should explore sources that provide these to us [6].

So under this slim tip, we are going to see how we can consume Omega 3, 6 and 9 and how these help us in the weight loss process.

These essential fatty acids increase the metabolic rate and energy of our body, which leads us to burn excessive calories.

They help the kidneys flush out the excess water which when retained lead to unnecessary weight gain.

6. Cut Out Intake of Junk from Your System

Eating small mid meals is certainly a good habit but you have to be extremely careful to cut out snacking on unhealthy junk.

This slim tip emerges from the fact that consuming snacks like chocolates, burgers, pizzas, ice creams and other unhealthy foods can completely crash your weight loss plans.

Replace these “luring” choices with healthy options like salads, nuts, green tea, yogurt etc to keep the weight loss process flow smoothly.

7. Consume Foods That Expedite the Process of Weight Loss

We have here a list of foods that fill you up while maintaining your weight loss journey towards a fruitful culmination [7].

The list of these foods contain grapefruit for its 90% water content, whole grains, cucumbers as it is rich in fiber, kale as it is green leafy vegetable and also contains lots of water, chia seeds as it suppresses hunger.

And increases energy in your body, pineapple as it is one of the fruits that accelerate weight loss. There are various other foods that help in weight loss.

8. Focus on Your Sleep Pattern

Another slim tip is to focus on your sleeping pattern. You must know that sleeping right is an essential part of weight loss [8].

People who oversleep or sleep deprived tend to gain more weight than people who sleep right.

Poor sleeping patterns lead to poor eating habits and thus weight gain. They even lead to untimely hunger pangs which force you to binge unhealthily.

Poor sleeping also induce cravings for sugar, which is a blaster for your weight loss goals. So take this slim tip seriously!

9. Cut Down on Your Food Portions by Eating Small Meals

Cutting your meals into smaller portions is the key to losing weight.

An important slim tip is that heavier meals slow down your metabolism making the fat burning process also slow.

So include small meals in your routine which make the metabolism fast and digestion an easy process. Also, take smaller bites and chew your food well.

10. Include Exercise in Your Routine

Another common yet extremely important slim tip is to include exercise in your daily routine.

Exercise helps to burn excess calories from the body [9].

A few exercises that you could include in your regime are weight training, various dance forms like zumba, jazz, freestyle, ballet, etc.,

taking stairs instead of elevators, squatting (in fact squatting is recommended to pregnant women as it eases the delivery process), skipping, cycling, yoga, cartwheel, running, etc.

Here were 10 simple slim tips to be kept in mind and followed to reach your desired shape and size. Weight loss consumes a bit of everything.

Determination, sacrifice, clean eating… but in the end, the results speak for themselves. So be motivated and keep working towards it. It will surely be worth it in the end!

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