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Want to Shave Off Your Belly Fat?

burn belly fat

Need to shave off the rest of my belly fat. — Khalif Sultan (@KhalifSultan_) January 23, 2014 Wouldn’t that be pure awesome if we could just shave our belly fat every day just like we shave or trim our beards? Having an imagination means endless possibilities and no one’s taxing you on that but unfortunately, […]

Do almonds help with weight loss?


It is well said that “good things come in small packets” and so do almonds. You should never miss out the benefits of mighty almonds. Almonds can prove to be a healthy snack when your unhealthy cravings overwhelm you. Moderation is the key Having said that almond is a healthy snack, it does not mean […]

Taking smarter steps to lose weight Hi Karishma! In today’s world, smartness counts. If you are not smart enough then your hard work will also go waste. Same applies for weight loss, if you really have to lose some of your extra kg’s, you have to be patient and smart enough. Punishing yourself for weight loss Most people go for crash […]

Simple ways to Reduce Holiday Weight Gain

Medically reviewed by Shanmukha Priya, M.Phil and Ph.D. in Food Science and Nutrition Time to figure out how much Christmas season weight gain has happened. Not looking forward to this. 🙁 — Christina (@XtinaLisa14) January 25, 2014 Hi Christina, Concerned about Holiday Weight Gain, Christina? Holidays, festivals and some vacations are so exciting for all of us […]

Acupuncture – the prick to weight loss?

Does accupuncture actually work for weight loss? Anything but exercise and portion control seems a sham. — rv (@Puppyvedi) January 14, 2014 Hi @mizarcle, While the short answer to your question is probably ‘no’, here’s the science  behind it. According to a study reported in the December 2013 issue of Acupuncture in Medicine journal, placing five acupuncture needles in […]

Tzatziki – Yogurt Dip Recipe!

Tzatziki – Yogurt Dip Recipe! Tzatziki-Yogurt dip recipe is a Mediterranean specialty and is a creamy, smooth textured dip which is made with low fat yogurt and cucumber. This recipe is cool and creamy dip that serves as a perfect accompaniment for grilled meat dishes. It is incredibly easy to make and tastes best when […]

Authentic & Flavorsome Vegetable Stew!

  Authentic & Flavorsome Vegetable Stew! A tempting bowl of steamy vegetable stew full of nutrition is what we call for on a winter’s night. The authentic taste with aptly seasoned stew is quenching and soul full for a healthy appetite. An easy-to-make meal. You can also make a personal one with veggies of your […]

Tex Mex Tortilla Wrap Recipe | Possible

Tex Mex Tortilla Wrap! This Tortilla wrap makes for a high-protein and low-fat vegetarian lunch and one can even eat them on the go. Add a little guacamole for a heartier meal. 30 gm black beans (drained) Juice from one lime Juice from one orange 3 pods of garlic (minced) Salt to taste Cayenne pepper […]

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