9 Natural Weight Loss Home Remedies

Weight Loss Home Remedies

Medically reviewed by Ashwathy V. Pillai,  Postgraduate Degree in Dietetics & Applied Nutrition

Natural weight loss is the best approach as anything in harmony with nature brings out the best. We generally misunderstand that weight loss is effectively achieved by going to the gym, exercising outside or practising weight loss clinics or centres.

But Weight loss begins at home. And that is why it is very important to know the tips for weight loss naturally.

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An unhealthy lifestyle contributes majorly to obesity. So firstly, get out of your unhealthy lifestyle. This may be difficult initially but you’re going to love it once you see the results. Wondering how to lose weight at home?


Diet plan Lose weight
Lose weight naturally at home

One of the most important factors contributing to weight gain is a sedentary lifestyle. Apart from this, there are other proven health issues that can lead to weight gain such as:

  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Inflammation
  • Stress
  • Menopause
  • Various medications used for depression and insomnia (sleeplessness) can also cause weight gain

To find out more about healthy and natural weight loss, talk to a health expert today.

Having a healthy balanced diet plan is very important for weight loss. It’s a well-proven fact that diet contributes to almost 70 per cent of weight loss.

Consider consulting a certified dietitian before going on a diet plan that helps you to lose weight fast at home naturally. And following your diet and making a few influential changes in your habits is the first step of reducing weight at home.

It is recommended to avoid certain foods simultaneously following the food diet with natural weight loss contents.

Nutritionist Recommended Natural Weight Loss Tips At Home

As per our expert team of nutritionists, there are certain home foods and lifestyle changes that can help you in losing weight.

These changes are a hundred per cent natural and won’t require any starvation or artificial weight loss pills to shed your weight. The best part, you will get a healthy lifestyle for life!

1. Include Asparagus

It contains a substance called asparagine, which increases blood circulation and stimulates the kidneys to work effectively. Asparagine breaks down oxalic acid, which is responsible for the build-up of body fat thereby reducing weight gain. 

According toUSDA, one cup of asparagus has only about 27 calories. Not just that, it is also rich in dietary fibers, making it incredibly good for filling up the stomach and hence suppressing your appetite. 

2. Eat more of Whole Grains

Whole grains such as oats, whole bread, brown rice etc, help you to burn extra calories. According to a study published in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association, consumption of whole grains helps in reducing the blood cholesterol. This eventually helps in weight loss as well.

Your body utilizes more energy to break down whole grains. Moreover, you feel full for a longer period of time and you stop binge eating as well. 

Check out this blog to know the benefits of whole natural grains for natural weight loss at home.

3. Follow Weight Training

Cardio alone won’t help you to get in shape. Doing some weight lifting will help you to achieve a toned back. After a few weeks, the contours of your muscles will be well defined, and you’ll have more energy than ever.

For simple weight lifting exercises, there’s no need to even go to a Gym and can be performed at home.  And if you are not at all into weight training, you can also go for Yoga AsanasYoga not only works on weight loss, but it also relaxes the mind, body and soul. The other exercises such as Aerobics are also helpful for losing weight fast at home.

Lose weight naturally
Lose weight naturally with weight training

4. Drink Green Tea

Green tea increases the rate of your metabolism and prevents the storage of fat in your body. According to a study published in the International Journal of Obesity green tea contains a compound EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate) that helps in removing oxidative free radicals from the body.

Also, they help in increasing the rate of energy expenditure and fat loss that ultimately helps in weight loss. For the people, who have  Coffee or Normal tea at tea-time, it is not very difficult to substitute with Green tea which is healthier and natural tea and a ‘must have the drink’ at home. 

Click here to know more about the health benefits of Green tea for weight loss.

5. Eat More Vegetables and Fruits at Home

Vegetables and fruits are important for a toned body and back as they are a good source of vitamins. They aid in digestion and keep our body hydrated.

This is attributed to a high content of soluble and insoluble fiber, antioxidants and micronutrients that assist weight loss with cholesterol absorptions, removal of free toxins and healthy metabolism of nutrients respectively.

Always include fruits and veggies in your diet plan to lose weight fast naturally at home.

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6. Divide Your Meals

Have small portions of meals at periodical intervals at home or outside. Our Dieticians always advice to have small meals because it increases body metabolism and makes you feel less hungry.

Hence, you end up eating a lesser amount of calories naturally contributing to your weight loss plan at home. Also, studies have suggested that small frequents meals helps in better attainment and retention of lean tissues which is fat-free with good muscles.

7. Chew Your Food Properly

This will enable you to eat slowly and control your appetite. Your brain will have enough time to understand that you are full and don’t need to eat more. It has been scientifically proven that fast eating and not chewing your food properly is one of the causes of weight gain.

In research by the North American Association for the Study of Obesity showed that overweight men and women took in fewer calories when they slowed their normal eating pace.

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Chewing food helps digest food thereby working on weight gain aspect. Consider this natural tip to include in your lifestyle.

8. Say No to soft drinks and Diet Colas

Studies have shown that the sugar present in such drinks is easily digested and absorbed. This results in a sharp increase in blood sugar level, which is hard to get assimilated in a short span of time. Therefore, gets accumulated. This will also cause increased hunger and low energy. It is highly recommended to avoid carbonated soft drinks, sugary soda drinks, and juice before meals.

For all those people, who have the habit of keeping soft drinks or diet colas in a fridge at home, this suggestion stands significantly if you’re serious about losing weight fast.

Weight loss isn’t a one time phase, in order to keep your weight-loss sustainable you will have to adopt the above points as lifestyle modification.

Our Nutritionist recommends to write these points and hang it at a place from where they are visible to you so that you never go off the track.

9. Lemon Water & Honey

This water can help you to lose weight. Lemon Water and Honey can kick-start your body’s metabolism thereby causing you to burn down more fat than usual. The drink can act as a refreshing, flavorful and non-fattening beverage.

Taking the drink can check your cravings for other unhealthy, calorie-loaded beverages like soda water, soft drinks, and other fizzy drinks. The feeling of satiety that the drink promotes actually stops you from snacking with unhealthy stuff.

Honey contains an antioxidant called Riboflavin which improves the body’s glucose sensitivity. Lemon is a natural detox ingredient. It is a low-calorie drink it helps you manage your daily calorie consumption thereby allowing you to stay in shape.

Lemon reverses water retention in the body through its natural diuretic properties. That helps you to lose excess water weight.

Importance of Having a Dedicated Dietician

A qualified dietician can plan customized diets for each individual based on their health, medical, physical and psychological status. A dietician clears misconceptions one has about food and gives a clear direction about what to eat, how to eat and how much to eat.

Registered Nutritionists and Dietitians offer reliable information about healthy eating, diet plans and meal preparation. 

In Possible, a nutritionist’s key role in providing patients with counselling and guidance on good nutrition and healthy eating habits. They make planned diets for weight loss issues that will lead you to a healthy & effective weight loss in a systematic approach. 

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5 Natural weight loss tips at home

Weight loss can be achieved with certain smart modifications to your diet and lifestyle habits.

Here we bring to you 5 such hacks that you can try at home. Check out the video below.

Quick Bytes:
Q. What are natural foods that burn fat?

A. Well, there are many foods that can help in losing weight. But there are also certain superfoods that will not only help you weigh lesser but also contribute greatly to your health.

These are the superfoods like Wheat Grass, Spirulina, Black Beans, Barley Grass, Alfalfa Grass, Moringa Leaves, High Fibre Foods, Seeds etc.

There are many ways these natural superfoods can help you manage a proper weight and lead a healthy life.

The best part is, these foods provide a solution to your natural weight loss efforts at home.

Q. How do you get a flat stomach?

A. Again, another common question among people who are looking for weight loss tips at home is how to get rid of the belly fat naturally at home.

To reduce belly fat naturally one needs to understand the causes of belly fat that leads to bulging tummy and other associated chronic diseases.

After you come to know about the causes, you will eventually tighten up your diet and focus on the fat burning foods.

It includes fish, nuts, green tea, oats and barley, etc. Also, don’t forget to abide by these tips to reduce belly fat for easy, fast and natural weight loss

Q. How can I lose weight fast naturally at Home?

A. To lose weight naturally you can also adopt certain hacks that can help you eat a little less and lose weight a little more. After all, it’s all about how smartly you deal with your weight.

Q. How do you burn fat naturally?

A. It’s not a simple overnight task, to burn fat naturally. It takes concentration on many ways burning fat such as food with proper food diet plan or chart, exercise, lifestyle, things to do, things to avoid.

So the right attention towards all aspects of natural weight loss is required to reduce fat naturally at home.

Q. How can I lose weight without Exercise?

A. Here’s an answer that could give you the right tip for the above question. With proper food habits and diet plans recommended by expert dieticians or nutritionists, you can lose weight.

But it is always good to do that with simple weight loss exercises if you can’t workout with heavy exercises). such as walking, running, jumping, simple aerobics, yoga with simple asanas or other easy exercises. Because these exercises complement your efforts to lose weight fast and naturally at home.

Q. Exercise or Diet?

A. As discussed earlier, good diet and exercise both contribute to lose weight fast.

Q. How to reduce belly fat (with overall weight) naturally?

A. You can reduce belly fat (with overall weight), naturally at home through superfoods, easy exercises and other simple methods.

Click here to know the dietician approved Indian diet charts to reduce belly fat.

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