42 Indian Foods for Weight Loss : A Sensible Solution to Shed the Extra Pound in You!

Indian Foods for weight loss
Indian Foods for weight loss

1] Moong Dal

Moong dal is also called as the Mung bean and is often seen as one of the staple foods in the northern part of India. It is recommended as a weight loss foods as it has low fat, high protein and rich in fibre content, no wonder it aids in digestion.

The fibre content in them helps in the detoxification process within the body and also purifies the blood giving a boost to your immune system. Not only do they have fibre in them, but vitamins and minerals are also present too which play an equal role in the well being of our body.

It promotes metabolism and over and above that revitalises the system. So friends if Y’all need a change from the normal routine to try out this Yummy Moong Dal Dosa and Moong dal – tinda curry for your dinner tonight!!

2] Walnuts

The bulk of Omega-3 Fatty Acids is wholly seen in walnuts.

And if you don’t know, Omega 3 fatty acids are one of the majorly recommended nutritional supplements for weight loss by almost all nutritionists around the world.

Walnut can improve cholesterol levels

A study conducted at the San Diego School of Medicine showed that when obese people were subjected to a walnut-rich diet,

They had a faster decrease in their weight than with people with a normal low-fat diet this study proved that walnuts are pretty rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids, lowering your cholesterol level thereby reducing weight too and a good diet food! [1]

Cool yourself with this Chilling cinnamon walnut smoothie on a hot Afternoon!

3] Spinach

Didn’t believe it when Popeye the sailor man mentioned about spinach and its goodness?? I have evident proof now buddies!

Spinach is the dietary fibre rich green veggie which is always preferred on a diet day. The main reason being it induces satiety [2] and reduces the level of the hunger hormone, ghrelin [3].

There are special sacs in the chloroplast called thylakoids which slows the digestion process in the intestine and thus sending signals to the brain saying that you are already full!!!!

So start healthy slurping with this silky spinach soup and fight all the odds which come your way!

4] Bitter Gourd

As the name says, it is not all that bitter! Karela has a peculiar substance in it which helps in keeping blood sugar in control. Furthermore, they accelerate the carbohydrate metabolism in the body leading to a quick weight loss.

Have you heard about the Bitter gourd Shots for weight loss ?!

Chop up one bitter gourd, cucumber, mint and add them to a blender. Blend them well and squeeze half a lime to it.

Bitter gourd can be a great summer vegetable
Bitter gourd

If you’d like to spice it up a little, you can add cayenne pepper in the blender and blend it along with the other ingredients. Make sure you have this fresh shot early in the morning!

5] Beetroot

Let’s beat obesity with this beet!!! Beetroot is an iron-rich root vegetable with zero fat and a load of vitamins and minerals.

It is packed with roughage making you have fewer cravings for other unhealthy foods which equals to you losing weight!

A research study shows that the consumption of beetroot on a daily basis led to the lowering of blood pressure in placebo men [4].

Drinking of beet juice has also shown to give you more energy and endurance to work out for a longer period and tadaaa!! You get to burn more calories this way!!!

So here is a quick 10-minute Beet pomegranate mint juice just for you to sip while watching your daily soaps!!

6]  Almonds

This weight loss but is claimed to have high calories but is one such nut which has an equal amount of nutrients to balance the calorie!

Presence of Oleic acid in Almonds helps in reducing your bad cholesterol and improves your good cholesterol.

When it comes to weight loss a study cited in the International Journal of Obesity unveiled that a diet supplemented with almonds showed a better strategy for a weight loss program.


And moreover you can always have almonds as your office desk snack as they avoid you from having junk food! Hence your cravings too are satisfied!

Hear it from me first!!!

Almonds have unsaturated fatty acids and proteins which help in maintaining your BMI  and also a very good fat burning food. It favours you by beating that bloated belly of yours! KAPOW!!! Goes your belly fat!

7]  Apples

An Apple a day keeps your cravings at bay! Apples are Adam’s fruit rich in fibre, vitamin and mineral content. They are so dense with fibre that having it before a meal will make you consume less of your diet. The pectin present in the skin of an apple delays your digestion and gives you good satiety on your meal [6].

According to a study done in the State University of Rio de Janeiro, overweight women were subjected to have a meal consisting of three apples, three times a day along with a normal meal.

Results showed a drastic change in the weight of the subjects after a period of 12 weeks. This study thus proved that apples did play quite a major role in being weight loss food.

Apples are some of the best healthy foods

Here it from me first!!!

Apples have the property to act as an anti-carcinogen, killing all budding tumours in your body. A piece of definite good news to the chemotherapy patients!!

8] Cauliflower

Fibre food strikes back!! One main reason why people prefer cauliflower in their steamed veggies is that they are low in carbs and high in dietary fibre.

This natural cancer fighter has phytochemicals such as indoles that curb the growth of cancer in the body.

The Omega-3-fatty acids in them trigger the hormone leptin (the weight loss hormone) in our system with an increase in metabolism and thus helps us in shedding some weight.

Wondering how to add cauliflower to your breakfast?? Check this Veg cauliflower stew recipe and make hot idiyappams to go along with it!

9] Cinnamon

Cinnamon -The best fat burning food!! Can you believe this? A very common spice and flavouring agent is now a potent weight loss ingredient!

Addition of a spoon of cinnamon in your meal is going to make you reduce your appetite by burning all the fat layers present in your tummy and also reduces the cellulite.

Cinnamon increases the transit time of the food from the stomach to the intestine hence giving you the feeling of fullness for a longer time. And preventing you overeating all the junk hidden in that secret kitchen cupboard of yours!

Click this link to check this Jugalbandi of a Cinnamon smoothie!!

10] Turmeric

Curcumin, the phenolic compound present in Turmeric helps in the easy tucking of tummy into your pants! And a solution to the removal of all toxins from your body is by this novel detoxifier.

Turmeric has a trait of thermogenesis i.e., burning of fat by the CNS system to maintain the temperature of the body and hence recommended as a good weight loss food.

This trait helps in the burning of even the excess fat which has been clinging all this while [7] !

Don’t know where to add that turmeric?? Add it up in this Chatpata makki ka chilla and relish it with dahi!

11] Radish

A long term answer for that weight loss plight is with the red radishes! Radishes have very high water content and are a great source of vitamin C and potassium, which can help lower your risk of kidney stones.

Not to forget the fibre, which helps in relieving from constipation and thus giving the feeling of less bloating.

Radish has a low glycemic index thereby taking a lot more time to break down the food into smaller entities. This a good diet food to start your meal with.

Who doesn’t love mooli paratha??? Wanna try one, then check the Possible style mooli paratha!

12] Garlic

Have you had your daily dose of garlic pods?? If no, you better make sure you have it today as this is going to play a noted role in your weight loss.

Garlic tends to increase your metabolism and triggers the ‘I am not hungry anymore’ hormone leptin to balance out on your excessive food intake.

This is a good weight loss food which shouldn’t be missed out by any go!

Here is an easy way to make Garlic Rasam! Try it out…

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13] Lentils

These tiny seeds being an excellent diet food helps in weight loss too! Lentils are full of fibre and this dietary fibre gives you satiety and never makes you overeat.

Daily consumption of lentils also helps in lowering your bad cholesterol and pushes you to the healthy side. They also lower your blood pressure and make your blood flow smoothly in the vessels.

And if you are a Non-vegetarian here is chicken and lentils soup you can try when you have guests at home!

14] Coffee

Caffeine, the core component present in coffee helps in releasing adrenaline in blood. This adrenaline sends signals to the brain to start the process of lipolysis  [8].

Having a cup of coffee before your meal suppresses the appetite and helps you eat less. In spite of the appetite-controlling trick, they also increase your calorie burning rate.

Now tell me, isn’t this a great fat burning food you have just blindly sipped on??

Want to know more about coffee??? Then read these coffee benefits and fulfil your thirst!

15] Pears

Pears are a very good source fibre and Vitamin C. There are loaded with vitamins and minerals.

This natural weight loss food, reduces your intake of monounsaturated fatty acid and sugary foods and has an ample amount of antioxidants in them and protects your body from the attack of free radicals.

The fibre in them helps in keeping you full and also prevents the growth of any cancerous growth of tumour in the colon.

Hear it from me first!!!

Pear is one such fruit which is easily digestible and hence recommended as baby food!

16] Cloves

Grandma’s remedy for toothache is also now your remedy for weight loss. This autumn spice has soo much of antimicrobial properties that they often are seen to be added to all Indian foods.

It is one such spice which generates heat within the body, boosts metabolism and hence seen as an ideal spice for weight loss and superior diet food.

Hear it from me first!!!

Instant weight loss can be achieved by chewing 2-3 cloves early in the morning and flushing the flavour with a warm glass of water!

17] Cardamom

Your elaichi is the active ingredient to be added to your sweets as they are the best weight loss foods.

They help in increasing your metabolism and there is a higher chance of all those fat molecules breaking apart with cardamom. So why wait? Add more elachis to whatever you make at home.

Hear it from me first!!!

Elaichi tea can be simply made at home by just crushing of few cardamom along with your tea leaves. Boil them well in low-fat milk and add fewer calories to your body with this healthy tea!

18] Oats

Resistant starch loaded oats help in the slow digesting of your meal, for this reason, its always preferred to be eaten on a diet day. So folks!!

Diet food is ready within minutes! A meal a day of oats is known to reduce blood sugar spikes and this definitely fills up your belly up with soluble fibre!!

Apart from the oatmeal breakfast have you ever wondered what else you could make with oats??

I give you this Delicious Oats and Spring Onion Dosa recipe for your Sunday breakfast. Try it and you can add more variations the next time…


19] Millets

Magic millets are the secret ingredient for weight loss. Millets are vegetarians first love as they contain a lot of protein.

These millets contain a phytonutrient called lignan which helps in the hormone imbalance problems and also the hormonal weight gain which usually happens with women.They are the fat burning food which should not be omitted at any point!

Hear it from me first!!!

Are you planning on getting pregnant and still obese! Then, ladies, millets need to be added in your diet. They help in the enhanced secretion of bile which burns all the extra calories in the body.

20] Buttermilk

Being a South Indian, I always end my meal with a big glass of buttermilk. But little did I know that they help in weight loss too!! Yes!

You heard me right. Instead of gulping on those sugar-laden cokes and fruit juices try out buttermilk as an alternative as they reduce your intake of calories in the body.

And the best part of buttermilk is that it makes you feel full for a longer time and reduces the cravings to have more food. So a good diet food isn’t it??

Here is a quickie to suffice your summer thirst! Try out this minty buttermilk and leave a comment on how it tasted!!

21] Curry Leaves

Ignored the curry leaves on your favorite dishes? It is time to give a hard munch on them as they could be a reason for your weight loss.

Curry leaves help to improve digestion and also cleans the system free of toxins which inexorably helps in weight loss.

Hear it from me first!!!

You can make your own weight loss foods and drinks at home folks! Take a blender, to it add a handful of curry leaves, half a lime, a spoonful of honey and a glass of warm water.

Blend them all well and have it on an empty stomach! You are sure to see greeny results!!

22] Green Tea

Green tea has a lot of health benefits. And the most prominent one is weight loss. Green tea has the swing to improve your digestive system and flush of all the toxins.

The dynamic antioxidant – epigallocatechin gallate helps in burning fat and cellulite in your body and this boosts metabolism leading to swiftly weight loss. No wonder green tea is the delectable fat burning food!

Want to read more on? Then check this green tea for weight loss article and detox yourself to delight!!

23] Honey and Lemon

This is a detox plus the main ingredient from the list of weight loss foods! Individually they have their own good, but when put together they add to a lot of health benefits.

Consumption of honey and lemon water helps in a better digestion mechanism as there is increased production in bile and faster breaking down of food components.

It cleanses the colon and helps in expelling toxins off the intestine promoting a good and healthy biota within.

Hear it from me first!!!

Suffering from a Urinary Tract Infection??

Honey and Lemon

Lemon and Honey acts as a diuretic and flushes away all the bacteria and infection in your urinary tract! So here is a replacement to the cranberry juice!

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24] Flaxseeds

Flax seeds in your early morning drink! Flax seeds in your Oatmeal! But have you ever asked why???

Flax seeds are crammed up with Omega-3-fatty acids which burn all the fat in your body.

They are a rich source in fiber thus keeping you satiated for a much longer time than you can possibly imagine.

And lastly, it is an anti-stress seed! It helps in relieving you from stress and depression, a major spark button to weight gain!

Here is a list of foods you can have to say Goodbye to Stress!!

25] Cantaloupe

Water filled fruit is the cantaloupe! They have nil amount of calories in them and a whole stock of vitamins and minerals in them.

They are pretty effective in digestion and excretion of toxins from the system. Additionally, Cantaloupes are a very sweet fruit, and on eating them it prevents you from having cravings for other sugar goodies!!

Try this lip-smacking smooth blend of mint and melon for a kitty party!!! Yes! Minty cantaloupe smoothie!!!

26] Berries

Don’t judge a berry with its size as its components are a complete bombshell! The main berries from weight loss foods are strawberry, blueberry, goji berry, acai berry, raspberry and blackberry.

All these fibre rich berries have a lot of antioxidants in them which trigger the leptin hormone aiding in weight loss.

You can read a lot more about berries in this wonderful yummy berries for weight loss article!!

27] Nuts

With nuts, it’s a guarantee to get a slim and trim body!! Nuts are a good source of magnesium which helps in the burning metabolism of our body.

A handful of them helps in shrinking of your waist so friends don’t forget to take them along with you on a long walk!

A mesmerizing yogurt and nut treat are right here! Try this Yogurt Parfait and after having them forget shopping for the processed ones in the market!

28] Quinoa

Quinoa has a high ratio of protein to carbohydrate. They help in providing all essential amino acids (the ones lacking)  to our body and is one such ancient grain which is the most preferred ones on a weight loss food day!!!

Hear it from me first!!!

Do you know how Quinoa is pronounced??? It is “Keen-wah”. Now I get it, English is indeed a funny language!

29] Sweet Potato

The sweet version of the root tuber is one of the major components to lose your pounds. Replace them with any of your sugar goodies as they come with a natural sweetness and a benefit of low calories.

Sweet potatoes help in regulating blood sugar and contain a lot of fiber thus giving you better digestion and less of bloating.

Give your taste buds a delight by trying out our healthy fusion of a Cutlet, Sweet potato, Egg and Upma mix Cutlet!

30] Pine nuts

Pine nuts can aid in weight loss by activating the hormone cholecystokinin which gives you the feeling of fullness and reduces your appetite.

These pine nuts are often known as the energy boosters as they give you an instant source of energy by burning all calories.

Hear it from me first!!!

Pine nuts are rich in fat called pinolenic acid which helps to curb your cravings to food. Now, do you get it why companies mint money with pine nuts??? Yes, it is because of the weight loss food glory!

31] Asparagus

The soluble fiber inulin is present abundantly in Asparagus. This inulin helps in suppressing your appetite and encourages digestive health by promoting the growth of probiotic bacteria in the intestinal system.

Presence of the unique substance – asparagine in asparagus helps in breaking down the fat molecules in the body. And this is the reason why it is often mentioned as a weight loss food.

Here are some simple natural home tips for weight loss! Try them and make heads turn when you walk! 😉

32] Neem

Everywhere it is neem!! Suffering from Psoriasis??? Apply neem paste. Having weak gums?? Use neem bark.  And now for obesity too!!

Drink neem juice for weight loss. Neem leaves are loaded with bioactive compounds which helps you reduce weight in a jiffy as they are fat burning foods! Neem extracts also help in treating Diabetes.

Hear it from me first!!!

Did you know neem flowers can also be consumed and taken in as a treatment for obesity??

Take about 10 -15 flowers of neem, crush them in your palm and to it squeeze half a lime and a dollop of honey! Mix well and lick it! Your medicine to weight loss is all in your palm now! 🙂

33] Tulsi

The oldest plant known to mankind with umpteen number of health benefits is the Holy Basil! Basil has anti-inflammatory properties helping in fighting out all infections from the body.

The main reason for people to put on weight is because of stress. And tulsi helps in keeping the stress hormone in control.  What a great weight loss food is this!!

Have you heard of tulsi tea?? Then this is a must try!!!

34] Dates

Richman’s fruit is all yours now. Dates are highly rich in Iron and fibre content and contribute to a major part in your weight loss therapy!


Presence of Nicotine and other minerals like potassium and sulfur help in shedding those pounds which have always been your bag of sorrow. Don’t forget to include this fat burning food in your diet plan for weight loss!

Learn more about dry fruits for weight loss in this article Especially on dry fruits and their health benefits!

35] Goji Berries

Goji berries have a lot of benefits and one such is of being a part of the foods for weight loss.

Soaking them in warm water and having them on an empty stomach is the best remedy for weight loss. Some of the other health benefits of Goji berries are that they act as detox agents by removing all the toxins off your body.

You can also read the Surprising Benefits of These 6 Colourful Berries, Weight Loss Being the Central one!

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36] Chickpeas

A noted entity in the list of Superfoods for weight loss is the Chickpeas. They have three times the fibre than any other pulse.

So adding them to your diet is like a boon to weight loss. Chickpeas boost satiety and curbs your cravings for processed junk food. Chickpeas help in attacking your belly fat and also promotes better heart health.

Go all Mid Eastern this week with Hummus and veggies delight!

37] Kale

To lose weight, working on a calorie controlled diet will do wonders. But how long can you just repeat the diet over and over again?

This green ‘best diet food’ is all in for a change. Nutrient-dense kale (a look-alike to broccoli) is wrapped with essential nutrients. It is one such green which has cumbersome vegetable protein in it giving you that extra lift on a tiring day.

Hear it from me first!!!

Kale is an all-rounder green leafy vegetable which is a must to be included in all your family members meal as they are super high in vitamins especially Vitamin A, C and K.

38] Almond Butter

Almond butter and weight loss?? YUP!! Add this fat and lose weight as they are your food for diet.

Almond butter is high in unsaturated fatty acids so stop worrying on the “I am adding calories” part! It is also rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, strong support to your bones.

To prove you wrong, here is an article for you to see how other dietary fats helps you in weight loss!

39] Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are one of a kind. These seeds being tiny are glutted with Omega 3 fatty acids. They fill your tummy up with fibre and keep you satiated for a much longer time than a normal meal.

Chia seeds help in boosting your stamina and propel you for an additional round on a morning walk.

Be sure to unravel the other seeds to eat for a healthy weight loss!

40] Pistachios

Pistachios are known to hurt the concept of weight gain as they are your major super-foods for weight loss.

It is said to be a slimming food because it replaces the unhealthy munchies you take in when you are in a so-called strict diet.  They are loaded with monounsaturated fatty acids which target belly fat!

Hear it from me first!!!

Pistachios too have calories and fat in them so it’s advised to have them in moderation as you don’t want to add what you have planned to lose on!!

41] Barley

Want to take an inch off your waist? Then this is going to be your best weight loss foods.

Barley is an excellent source of fiber helping you reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, cancer and even intestinal disorders. The insoluble fiber in barley when digested forms a gel and gives you fullness.

Wanna try out a new variation in your salad? Then The Sprouted Barley Salad is a bonus for you!

42] Apple Cider Vinegar

The famous weight loss product marketed nowadays is Apple Cider Vinegar. It is always taken as a curative measure to weight loss.

Apple Cider Vinegar Weight loss drink
Apple Cider Vinegar Weight loss drink

This diet food is an appetite suppressor and stimulates metabolism by its speedy fat burning mechanism.

Apple cider vinegar is always seen to be added to detox drinks as they play a core role in the removal of toxins from our body.

You can read about Apple Cider Vinegar and Weight Loss in detail and learn about its benefits too!


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