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6 Post-Workout Foods To Eat After Exercising To Boost Your Energy

Post workout foods for Metabolic boost

Exercise is by far one of the most beneficial activities a person can do. Regular exercise improves overall fitness by increasing the rate of blood circulation, reducing body fat, lowering cholesterol, increasing physical strength and stamina and improving body metabolism. Accompanied by a healthy diet, exercise can do wonders for your body. It can help […]

8 Ways To Keep Your Metabolism Revved As You Cross Your 50’s

Revved up your metabolism

Old age is the most crucial period of people’s lives as the human body becomes the cupboard of various critical conditions. Loss of muscles is a recurrent problem with rapid weight gain. If you can boost metabolism through various exercises and effective ways, you can pass the ill-effects of obesity. Table of Contents Eat Whole […]

What Is Bone Density Test, & Why Should You Get It Done?

Significance of bone density test

A bone density test is done for testing the bone strength. It refers to a DEXA scan and it is quite similar to an X-ray. The primary purpose for getting this test done is to find out about the serious bone loss condition called osteoporosis and prevention of fractures and associated disability. Table of Contents […]

7 Signs That You Might Need To Get Your Bones Checked & Keep Them Healthy

Awareness to healthy bones

How would anyone know that his / her bones are healthy? It is difficult to tell as it is not visible as the skin or it can’t be heard like the heart. Well, a bone density test is a way to find out about bone health but it is generally not recommended till the age […]

Eating Right Rules To Rev Up Your Metabolism

Eating right for active metabolism

Metabolism essentially is made up of all the chemical reactions in the body, which are what keep the body functioning and alive. Metabolic rate, as metabolism is often called, is essentially the number of calories one burns – the higher the metabolism, the greater the number of calories burnt, and the easier it is to […]

How Does Imbalance In Blood Sugar Levels Affect Your Weight

Effect of blood sugar levels on weight

Blood sugar levels have an impact on the energy produced in body, levels of concentration, the mood swings, also the ability to lose weight and much more. Sweet and starchy food is broken down in the body and is converted into the sugar called glucose. Table of Contents The symptoms related to blood sugar level […]

How To Start Your Exercise Routine When You Are Obese?

Guide to exercise routine for weight-loss

Beginning an exercise routine for weight loss is daunting, even more so if you are overweight. Apart from the basic exercises to lose weight, one should also undertake cardiovascular exercises to lose fat. According to fitness trainers, obese people hesitate beginning fat burning workouts because they feel that it’s already too late. However, once you […]

5 Signs That You Might Have PCOS Induced Weight Gain

Signs that you might have PCOS induced weight gain

Are you drained out of energy and get exhausted easily?Have you been experiencing headaches quite often? Are you skipping your periods and not getting on time? If you encounter these instances in your daily life regularly, chances are very high that you could be suffering from PCOS. PCOS promotes weight gain as your body becomes […]

What Is Body Re-composition And How Does This Work?

Healthy Body re-composition

Body recomposition is also called as re-composition. It is a weight loss program that puts emphasis on the importance of not only reducing body fat but adding muscle mass at the same time. Most people want a toned and a trimmed body after losing weight. Such people look lean, after being fat for far too […]

Strength Training & Weight Lifting For Women, And Why Should You Try It?

Superpowers of strength training

When it comes to strength training, most women will balk at the idea. After all, the horror stories doing the rounds are indeed off-putting – you’ll become muscle-bound, you’ll bulk up, you’ll appear rigid, and so on.  With no disrespect to the venerated cardio brethren, lifting weights and strength training for weight loss are the […]

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