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Vegetable Red Rice Poha Recipe for Detox Phase | Possible

Red Rice Poha

  How do you make Poha?   Red Poha has been a part of Indian food over a century now and with the health benefits it offers, it will continue to be most preferred short eats! Apart from the incredible taste, red rice poha is packed with rich iron and fibre which helps the body […]

Veg Stew with Possible Tomato Soup

Veg Stew With Tomato Soup

  Veg Stew with Possible Tomato Soup Stews and vegetable stocks are great nutritional meals. The healthy and warm slurp not only soothes us from within but also makes sure that you are provided with all the nutrition extracted from the vegetables and meats. Try this healthy and subtle veg stew with truweight tomato soup, […]

Sprouted Dosa, a healthy variant of the regular one!

Sprouted dosa, healthy dosa

Sprouted Dosa Recipe Dosa by far is one of the healthiest recipes if made with less oil. It offers a perfect combination of cereal-pulse, as they complement each other’s amino acid profile.  We decided to give a healthy makeover to the already healthy dosa by making the batter with sprouted whole beans.  Sprouting helps to […]

How To Make Poha Cutlet? – Possible

Poha Cutlet Recipe

  Poha Cutlet No matter how much you try and control your diet, the odd cravings will always be there. Why punish yourself when you can have something healthy? The Poha Cutlet recipe with mint chutney serves as a healthy snack and it’s really easy to make. Go through the recipe to learn how to […]

Chole Chaat- A Perfect Blend Of All Tastes!

truweight is possible now

  Chole Chaat Recipe In India, we get all kinds of delicious, mouth-watering cuisine across the streets. But to be honest, hygiene and quality are one of the major concerns.  To eat healthy and tasty, this recipe will help you to make best chole chaat right at home. A great snack for people who love […]

How to Make Healthy Kali Dal Recipe

Healthy kali dal recipe

Healthy Kali Dal Recipe This kali dal is a unique combination of proteins, B-vitamins, fiber. Did you know, whole urad dal is a good source of iron, folic acid, calcium, magnesium, potassium making it ideal for women? Kali dal is a great protein source for vegetarians. Not to forget, this kali dal when cooked becomes […]

Bajra Pulao Recipe | Possible

Bajra Pulao

  Bajra Pulao Recipe Move over regular pulao, here comes bajra pulao. Really! Bajra in a pulao?  Rich in the fibre named lignin, heart-healthy due to the presence of niacin, potassium and magnesium; bajra is a definite go-to for good health. Try this bajra pulao and let us know about it in the comments! 1 […]

Moong Dal Recipe With Video | Possible

Nutritious moong dal, low fat recipes, healthy recipes

  Moong Dal Recipe With Video This traditional moong ki dal recipe is our personal favourite. Not only does it double up as comfort food (homemade, maa ki haath ka khana) but it also makes for a nutritious meal. They are rich in soluble fibre which helps manage a host of health conditions. Dig into […]

Makkai Palak Roti Recipe | Possible

Makkai palak roti recipe

  Makkai Palak Roti Recipe | Possible The traditional makkai di roti has got a healthy twist, it married palak to form makkai palak roti. As such corn packs in the antioxidant carotenoids and loads of gut-healthy fibre. Palak, on its part, brings in not just a colour variance but its disease-fighting property due to […]

Immune Boosting Tea Recipe | Possible

Immune boosting tea

  Immune Boosting Tea Recipe Tulsi, also known as holy basil, has incredible health benefits besides having a religious significance.  It helps in improving your immunity and keeping diseases like asthma, lung disorder etc. at bay. This healthy concoction contains the richness of Tulsi with complementing taste of cinnamon and honey. 200 ml Water 5 […]

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