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Triphala, The Magic Herb Concoction And Its Health Benefits

triphala helps you stay healthy

Medically reviewed by  Darshita Thakkar, Nutrition Training and Quality Manager for PAN India India, since ancient times, is a treasure of herbal compounds used as remedial medicines in healthcare. The health benefits of Triphala are numerously attributing to its chemical composition. Table of Contents The magic of Triphala concoction  Important constituents of classical herbal medicines Health benefits […]

Here’s Why You Should Try Grilled Fruits for Healthy Dessert

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Fruits!!  One of the most versatile, healthy food group. You can use it in baking, stewing, blanching or grilling to create healthy dessert recipes. Grilling fruit is one such option adding a new definition to your eating routine. We all do know about fruits, its nature, seasonal availability, and benefits. In botanical terms, fruits are […]

Health benefits of Bay Leaf and its Addition in Recipes

Bay leaf- a boon which improves the Digestive System

Bay leaf (Laurus nobilis) or commonly known as Tej Patta, is an evergreen, fragrant leaf from Lauraceae family. It is an indigenous herb of Middle Asia and has propagated to different parts with Mediterranean-like climate.  A meagre spice but the health benefits of bay leaf are significant. Table of contents Uses of bay leaf  Nutrient […]

Healthy Recipes With Cauliflower | Possible


Some people do not like this vegetable because of its taste or texture or peculiar smell. But believe it or not, cauliflower is one of the most versatile vegetables. It can be used in a wide spectrum of recipes ranging from vegetable cauliflower rice to soups and curries to even pizza base. Table of content […]

Fruit Salad Recipes With 3 Fruits | Possible


Quinoa is a pseudo-cereal that has well well-established health benefits. It can be added with the number of regular dishes to extract its health benefits and nutrient content. Table of Content Fruit salad with quinoa  Creamy fruit salad with nuts Fruit Salad With Quinoa Its addition to the regular salad can add on to nutritional […]

Possible’s Approach For Healthy Diabetes Management With Diet

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India is the diabetic capital of the world and one of the major contributing factors to its prevalence is the increasing rate of excess weight and obesity. Manage diabetes with diet– since the medications for weight loss have proven to have a negative impact, the more practical and healthy approach is to manage diabetes with […]

Does Possible weight loss program work for diabetes clients?

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Diabetes and weight loss are two very crucial terms that are interlinked and plays an important role when it comes healthy lifestyle ahead. Therefore, diabetic weight loss should be the major focus for eradicating the lethal effects ahead like chronic diseases and organ damage. The Table Of Content Science behind Diet approach for diabetic weight […]

How About a Junk Food a Day? | Possible

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Colourful, scrumptious and of course, the convenient snacks are surrounding us, inviting us and therefore, worth trying. Isn’t it? Who can say no if it’s been offered by someone or is in right front of you!! But beware!! It still is Junk food and can be as threatening as poison. Table of Contents: Junk Food  […]

What is the truth behind Possible’s weight loss Programme?

What is the weight loss program? How many such weight loss program you know about and how efficient they are? All those who are seeking weight loss are searching for the right guidance to attain the truth and not any misconception. Best diet for weight loss | Best diet for weight loss comprises of | […]

Here’s Why Women Need Possible’s Detox Cleansing Program for Weight Loss

Women need special detox cleansing because they are more prone to reach for junk food for a snack, or beat of cravings during their periods or pregnancy. Since women are short on time, they look for an easy-to-use solution, which is often packed with excess salt and sugar leading to unwanted weight gain. So detox […]

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