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How Height Weight Chart affects Health | 6 Tips To Maintain Ideal Weight

truweight is possible now

Height and weight are two correlated parameters that have effects on your health.  The height-weight charts are the standards helping you in determining that in accordance with your height, whether you are weighing your ideal weight or not. Due to the gender difference in fat and muscle composition, the height weight chart for men and women […]

6 Benefits of Watermelon Seeds You Might Not Have Known

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Medically reviewed by Shanmukha Priya, M.Phil and Ph.D. in Food Science and Nutrition As you soak up the sun and try to beat the heat this summer, I am sure watermelon is one of your most favourites. And why not, having just a few pieces of cold watermelons cool you down. However, today we will be talking […]

8 Benefits of Barley You Must Know Today | Possible

Benefits of Barley Water

Belonging to the grain family, Barley is one of the oldest cultivated grains consumed in the world. And throughout its history, it has never lost its importance. The reason is, there are numerous barley benefits that we cannot at all ignore. From containing the 8 essential amino acids to being one of the most low-calorie […]

Amazing Food Sources Of Omega 3

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We eat a number of vegetables, fruits and meat. But how many of us pause to examine the nutritional value of the foods we eat? To lead a healthy life, it is important to eat a well-balanced diet. You must ensure that your plate is loaded with vitamins, minerals, fibre and other essential fats. One […]

Omega 3 Health Shake (Smoothie)

omega 3 smoothie

  Omega 3 Health Shake (Smoothie) Traditional milkshakes made with ice cream and chocolate can worsen your health. Instead, go for fruit smoothies and shakes that will provide the vitamins and minerals to the body. Strawberry is the most popular smoothie flavor. Although most smoothies share banana as a common ingredient, for milkshakes. But, this […]

7 Ghee Nutrition Benefits & Weight Loss Benefits

Can you Eat Ghee for Weight Loss

Medically reviewed by Krupa, Senior Nutrition Coach If you are vying for weight loss then you might have shunned fats from your diet and the first to go off the window would have been ghee or clarified butter. The word ‘ghee nutrition’ is not something we consider. But what if we say there are different nutrition […]

5 Benefits of Til Oil You May Have Never Known! | Possible

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Medically reviewed by Spandana Nagulapally, Masters in Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics From being a popular cooking oil to being used for scalp health, there are numerous benefits of til oil aka sesame oil. This oil is derived from nutritionally acclaimed sesame seeds and is used for many medicinal purposes. Hailing from African parts of the world, one […]

Try These 10 Eating Habits For Healthy Weight Loss

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Medically reviewed by Shanmukha Priya, M.Phil and Ph.D. in Food Science and Nutrition Healthy weight, that’s what we are all trying to achieve. And it’s really not that tough to lose weight and look fit and healthy. Just follow the expert given weight-loss advice we have here. There are a few points that are fail-safe when you […]

The Ultimate Antioxidant Food List: 12 Foods You Must Include in the Diet!

Antioxidant Rich Foods

Well, you are no stranger to antioxidants! They are everywhere; not just in the diet but also in anti-aging creams, oils, lotions, soaps etc!   But while you may have known the antioxidant foods to consume for a good skin, (read anti-aging) very well, there are so much to these nutrients! Our article will speak about […]

11 Reasons Why Whey Protein is Important for Health And Fitness

Health Benefits of Whey Protein

Adding whey protein to your healthy eating diet is an excellent way to build your muscles, improve health and fitness levels, and strengthen the body. Research suggests that consuming whey protein along with resistance training can help in maintaining lean body mass and increase upper and lower-body strength. This is because whey protein promotes greater […]

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