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Know All About The Weight Gain Pattern for Men in Their 40’s


Weight Gain Pattern – Weight gain and losing body fat is a struggle that persists throughout time. People in their 20’s and also in their 40’s face the problem of having to lose weight. Men especially have a difficult time in going about this task at the age of 40. Weight loss for men in their […]

5 Reasons why excess weight might be preventing you from conceiving


Overview: Any malfunction in one the above steps could lead to infertility. During this entire process, certain fertility influencing physiological changes involving hormones occur. Your weight plays an important role in conception. Maintaining a healthy weight is the primary requisite to help you conceive and sustain a normal pregnancy culminating in the birth of a […]

Ladies, Look Younger and Fit at Every Age with a Healthy Diet!

how to increase metabolism after 40

Among all the factors that a woman needs to take care of with her passing age, what really requires utmost attention is her health. Women, with every decade, experience an irreversible change and ageing that can be managed well with a healthy diet, healthy lifestyle or any other precautions taken earlier! A healthy diet, an […]

Why It Is Important To First Fight Cancer Before Dealing With Excess Weight ?


Cancer is a group of over a hundred diseases that occur when cells in your body begin to grow uncontrollably consequent to genetic changes. It is not confined to any particular or specific part of the body, but can manifest itself anywhere. These cells usually form tumors, which can either be malignant or benign. Malignant […]

How Rapid Weight Loss Can Impact Your Muscle Mass, Metabolism & Body fat

Impact of rapid weight loss on body

Rapid weight loss is what many concerned individuals desire, but is it really healthy? Losing or gaining weight is a gradual process. It takes time, and there is a logic behind it. If the process takes place too quickly, it can impact your health. As one never gain weight in just one day, so weight […]

How Does Drinking Wine Help You Lose Weight? | Possible


Losing weight is as tedious a task as climbing a steep and bulky rock. Alas, all the weight loss plans get ruined within a couple of days as these are difficult to follow for a long time. Table of Content What is Red Wine?  Nutritional facts about red wine  Some associated benefits of red wine  […]

What Is Perimenopause & How It Can Affect Your Weight | Possible

Perimenopause and its impact on weight

Perimenopause is a transition that starts taking place a few years before menopause. During this time, the ovaries start making less estrogen. It usually starts when a woman is in her 40s, but in some cases, it can start as early as 30s as well. Table of Content Duration of Menopause   Symptoms of Menopause   Perimenopause […]

5 Causes Of Stomach Ache And How Should You Handle Them?

Stomach ache- causes and cure

Healthy and fit people are brimming with energy and strength. They feel top of the world are overwhelmed with joy and happiness. But even the healthy people sometimes face problems such as stomach ache. There are several reasons behind a stomach ache which are difficult to diagnose at once. Table of Contents: Causes of Stomach […]

7 Weight Loss Strategies To Adopt When Planning Healthy Pregnancy

Weight loss strategies for healthy pregnancy

The planning for pregnancy begins with your decision to start a family. You plan for your confinement in every possible way, yet it leads you into a weight dilemma because of the inherent weight gain associated with bearing a baby. Table of Contents: Dealing with infertility to successfully conceive What planning for pregnancy means Plan […]

4 Ways To Correct Your Posture To Prevent Fat Belly And Big Hips

Postures to prevent fat belly and large hips

Do you feel uncomfortable to sit with your back straight on a chair? Do you find difficulty in bending your hips to touch your feet with your hands? If yes, then your body posture is not right, and you are in trouble of developing belly fat and a larger hips sooner or later. Table of […]

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