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Holi Special: A Splash of Colors from Plate to Palate- Possible

A Splash of Colors from Plate to Palate

As the entire nation adorns itself with the colors of mirth, joy, and love, take a step further and adorn your plate with the colors of nature’s best diet! So what does color have to do with diet anyway? One word: Phytochemicals. These substances occur naturally only in plants and may provide health benefits beyond what […]

8 Foods To Cure Water Retention | Possible

8 foods to cure water retention

The previous article on water retention has already given you an insight about water retention, it causes and how to avoid it. This article will bring to your knowledge about the foods to prevent water retention. One of the best things that can be done is by limiting yourself from the packaged, processed foods that contain […]

4 Tips to Fight the After-Valentine’s Chocolate Overload!!

Weight loss after the Valentine's day

The morning of 14th of February is usually good; butterflies in the stomach, planning for the day and receiving the beautiful chocolaty surprises. Come 15th of February, the next day, the butterflies are all gone and what is left is a bloated, unhealthy stomach. Not just that, a few kilos heavier on the weighing scale. […]

20 Foods You Can Incorporate In Your Fat Burner Diet For Best Results

Fat burner diet

“Fat burners”… the moment we hear the term, what immediately flashes in our minds is the bright pink bottle or a purple or a blue bottle with men women and men displaying their lean and muscled bodies inviting you to pop those pills too. These fat burner pills claim to make you lose the extra […]

Bihar Style Baingan (Brinjal) Bhartha

Bihar style baingan

Bihar Style Baingan (Brinjal) Bhartha The humble eggplant or brinjal features prominently in Indian cuisine with the signature dish ‘baingan ka bharta’. Little did you know that it is a low calorie, high fibre vegetable replete in essential vitamins such as Vitamin C, vitamin B6 and minerals like iron, magnesium, potassium.  Brinjal also boasts of […]

6 Weight Loss Fruits You Definitely Need To Know About

Weight Loss Fruits

Increasing the body’s metabolism rate and boosting energy levels are the basic ways that fat burners usually work. And although fat burning supplements are readily available, they come with various health hazards. Table of Content  Lemons   Apples   Blueberries   Grapefruit   Pineapple   Pomegranate Therefore, to fight the body fat, we bring to you the best natural weight […]

9 Food Habits To Keep Eating To Lose Weight | Possible

Food Habits To Keep Eating To Lose Weight

Medical Reviewed by Sindhu Vas,Post Graduate in Nutrition and Food scienceEating to lose weight? Did I hear it right? What has eating got to do with losing weight? Isn’t that a question many of us ask ourselves when we come across topics like these? As a matter of fact, eating and eating right & clean […]

7 Tips To Make New Year Weight Loss Resolutions Actually Work!

New Year Weight loss Resolutions

As the New Year is approaching, we all are set with our own resolutions. Be it about traveling more, trying new dishes or finally getting in shape. But the problems with resolutions are that we only stick to them for a couple of day or max, for a month. And as the new vibes of […]

9 Main Health Hazards Posed by Weight Loss Supplements

Side-effects of Weight Loss Supplements

Who on the face of this earth does not wish to boast about that slim waist and an hourglass figure? As they say, there are no free lunches and in much alignment with this, you cannot acquire an fit physique without putting in your sweat and blood. People adopt all sorts of methods ranging from […]

5 Weight Loss Smoothies to Watch Out For!

Weight Loss Smoothies

Who isn’t a fan of yummy smoothies, right? However, what if we can make these healthy and helpful?  Well, healthy of course by tweaking the ingredient list and helpful, by making them suitable. Table of contents Omega 3 weight loss smoothie Fruit and nut weight loss smoothie Creamy fruit protein weight loss smoothie  Antioxidant-rich green […]

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