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11 Effective Office Exercises to do at your Desk- Make Office Hours Healthy!

Simple Office Workout Exercises

Back-breaking, intensive to cushy or sedentary; our jobs have undergone a sea change in terms of the demand physically and that’s why office exercises have become a hot topic.  While we can never recreate the manually intensive jobs now, we can surely keep obese or overweight readings on the scale at bay. Because let’s face […]

6 Smart Ways To Reduce Thigh Fat | Possible

Medically Reviewed by Sindhu Vas – Post Graduate in Nutrition and Food science Reduce Thigh fat is one of the worries when it comes to health, appearance, and weight loss. There are different types of fats depending upon their areas of fat concentration, like face fat, belly fat, thigh fat and likewise. Usually, fat accumulation and concentration […]

7 Little Known Facts About How To Reduce Belly Fat | Possible

After having talked so much about the most stubborn fat of all, the belly fat and how to reduce belly fat, I am pretty sure that there are still many of us who are struggling to get rid of the stubborn belly fat, which seems to be nice sitting on our belly without any intention of […]

5 Effective Ab Workout To Reduce Belly Fat | Possible

how to reduce belly fat by exercise

Bothered with excess belly fat? Eat right and follow this set of exercises to ensure toned and slim waistline and a healthy body. Belly fat is a stubborn business. Most times, the idea of losing fat seems daunting and the journey long. Research shows that belly fat happens to be undoubtedly the most difficult fat […]

8 Must Include Weight Loss Foods in the Diet

How to increase metabolism with food

Medically reviewed by Shanmukha Priya, M.Phil and Ph.D. in Food Science and Nutrition Most of us find ourselves struggling first with weight loss and then with weight management. Therefore, it is important to understand what metabolism means, how to boost metabolism and how it influences weight control. The rate of metabolism differs from person to person; some […]

FREE Weight Loss Exercise Calendar for June | Possible

exercises for weightloss

June signifies the oncoming of the rainy season and everyone gets happy for a different reason. While some simply love to jump and splash in little mud puddles, weight loss enthusiasts could find workouts demoralizing. Presenting the Jealous June Weight Loss Workout regime! We assure you that by the end of this month, you are […]

Make Your Own Weight Loss Omega-3 Shake!

Omega -3 Weight Loss Shake Recipe

Research finds that including omega-3 in the diet coupled with regular exercise can result in weight loss?  Well, this is some good news for people riddled with the question, “How to lose weight quickly?’ But did you know, omega-3 fats have much more health benefits that just weight loss? We will elaborate on this further! […]

7 Simple Steps to Achieve Your Weight Loss Goal !

How to Lose Weight? Isn’t this a question that haunts most of us? Undoubtedly, yes it is! Haven’t we all tried various tricks to lose weight and in the end were left with the same haunting question that is “how to lose weight?”. Table of Contents: Include Green Tea in Your Diet Cut Your Sugar […]

Discover The Causes Of Obesity & The Ways To Fight It!!

Obesity and its causes

The two main obesity causes are eating more than the body actually requires and doing very little physical workout to compensate that.  Obesity is a condition where an individual has a Body Mass Index (BMI) greater than 30 Kg/m2.  It is a malaise, a disease seen in adults and children alike. Worldwide, 1 in 3 […]

6 Amazing Benefits of Morning Walk In Weight Loss | Possible

Benefits of morning walk

Medically reviewed by Spandana Nagulapally, Masters in Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics In today’s time, we all look for some sort of healthy body activities among our hectic schedules. Morning walk is a very accessible form of physical exercise that is easy to practice. It can be done by people of every age group. Table of Contents 6 […]


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