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9 Amazing Life Hacks to Go Slim Now! | Possible

Slim now with these life hacks

Medically reviewed by Spandana Nagulapally, Masters in Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics Wanting to slim now but failing terribly?Well, that’s no news because let’s face it, we as a Nation have been growing fatter every day. Don’t believe me? Here are the statistics. In a recent study it was revealed that despite being a country with about 40% […]

Women lose Weight Slower Than Men- Possible ascertains the association between Weight loss & Gender

Women lose Weight Slower Than Men

Possible took an initiative to study the pattern of weight loss among a batch of their 120 clients. Out of which 86 were female and 34 were male. The paper sheds light on how following the same diet program, the weight loss results can vary based on gender as well as age. After 10 days […]

5 Easy Ways To Make Mornings Better. Healthy Breakfast Goes A Long Way!

Morning tips

The belief that early mornings are ideal for any work that requires you think, be it school work or any task that requires concentration. The reason – you feel fresh in the mornings!! But the point is… do all of us actually feel fresh and enthusiastic about taking up tasks like champions….in the morning! One […]

4 Tips to Fight the After-Valentine’s Chocolate Overload!!

Weight loss after the Valentine's day

The morning of 14th of February is usually good; butterflies in the stomach, planning for the day and receiving the beautiful chocolaty surprises. Come 15th of February, the next day, the butterflies are all gone and what is left is a bloated, unhealthy stomach. Not just that, a few kilos heavier on the weighing scale. […]

7 Tips To Make New Year Weight Loss Resolutions Actually Work!

New Year Weight loss Resolutions

As the New Year is approaching, we all are set with our own resolutions. Be it about traveling more, trying new dishes or finally getting in shape. But the problems with resolutions are that we only stick to them for a couple of day or max, for a month. And as the new vibes of […]

11 Easy Ways To Keep Your Weight Loss Motivation Intact

weight loss motivation

The first step towards any journey, however easy or tough it may be is the motivation to take it up; success and failure is the actually the next phase of it. As we at Possible constantly keep reiterating the fact that weight loss is a journey, this journey also be better backed up by weight […]

10 Weight Loss Tips To Kick-Start Your New Year | Possible

Weight loss tips

It’s just a few more days to go until the clock strikes midnight welcoming the new year. This year, you must be determined to meet your weight loss goals. If staying healthy, fit and losing weight is your top most priority for the next year, then buckle up your shoes and start a healthy regimen. […]

Is Weight Loss for Celebrity Moms Only?

Celebrity Mothers Weight Loss

Celebrity weight loss stories have always been in news, since ages. But do you think Kareena Kapoor Khan and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan are the only mommies who can triumph over the post-pregnancy weight? We all have a perception that the movie stars must have some “special powers” or other “special arrangements” to help them get back […]

Biggest Losers of Possible Share 7 useful Non-Diet Tips!

Don’t look for Shortcuts: Kiran Kumar (lost 32 kgs)      Weight loss pills. Sauna belts. Non-surgical liposuction machines. Heat treatment. Weight loss massages. Slimming vests. 7 mins Flat Abs workout machines. Morning Walker machine. List of shortcuts are endless. But there is only way to lose weight: EAT RIGHT. Remember, what comes easy won’t […]

4 People Who not only Lost Weight but Found their True Worth!

Losing weight is not just about physical appearance. It is much more than that. It is an emotional journey for a majority of people. And a life changing too. People do not just lose weight but regain their confidence, earn the much-desired respect and find their true worth. Let’s meet some of them. CA Srinivas […]

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