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5 Smart Tips for Diet During Exams | Possible

Perfect diet during exams

Medically reviewed by R Sindhu Vas,  Masters of Food Science and Nutrition Exam season is always a hectic season for everyone involved; the kids, parents, and even the teachers!  But the most stressed out could be the parents because long studying hours mean skewed diet and ultimately ill-health of your children! Table of Contents Tips for Diet […]

Weight Loss Tips, Exercises, Home Remedies & Much More!

Weight loss tips are probably the most searched topic on the internet and why not, with a world leaning towards unhealthy eating habits and poor lifestyle, obesity is rising like anything. That brings down our health concerns to a common point that is, weight gain. Weight gain happens to be a recurring issue backing up […]

Celebrating Possible’s She-roes on this Women’s Day!

Celebrating womanhood for just a day isn’t enough to thank all the pretty women we are blessed with in our lives. However, dedicating a day to stop and let them know that they bring light to the world is always a pleasure. A woman’s health is one of the most important treasures that she can […]

The 12 secrets of losing weight – from noted dieticians and nutritionists!

In the last few decades, the issue of obesity and overweight has increased many folds. Those who are struggling to overcome this disorder, often ask themselves “How to lose weight and keep it off?”­­­­­ They try several methods to achieve weight loss only to arrive at where they have started. Only after several failed attempts, […]

7 Root Causes Of Weight Gain | Possible

“Weight loss is a sum of all of your habits – not individual ones.” – Helen M. Ryan, 21 Days to Change Your Body Individuals with weight disorders are always subconsciously whispering a silent prayer as they pop in a chili cheese fry, hoping that they do not tip the scales further. But, there may […]

11 Possible Reasons Why You Are Not Losing Weight | Possible

The very fact that you are reading this article suggests that you have maybe hit a plateau in your weight loss plan and now trying to find out the possible reasons which may have hindered your weight loss journey. Table of Content Conscious of what you are eating  Protein Intake is Not Sufficient  Not Eating Whole […]

This World Water Day Come Together & Pledge To Conserve It!

World Water Day is observed annually to emphasize the importance and conservation of freshwater. As the name suggests, it is celebrated around the world with people conducting and propagating the importance of freshwater and its sustainable management by participating in a variety of events like drama, music, educational or just related to nature. World Water […]

10 Science Backed Tips To Lose Weight Naturally | Possible

benefits of granola ladoo

We are in times when our health has been subjected to many risk factors, be it because of our adverse eating habits or our sedentary lifestyles. And all these lead to weight gain, which is a problem found in every other person. In order to lose weight, we are not just supposed to know the […]

5 Tips to Drop the Waist Inches This Summer!

Summer break is around and you all must have big plans for the holidays. And why not, with all those pressure of exams you more than deserve it. But don’t you think this break can be also productive otherwise? Well, how about decoding “how to lose weight” this summer? you have got almost 30 days […]

What Is Possible? A Short Recap! | Possible

Honest weight loss

If sauna belts and slimming pills helped you lose weight, ever wondered why you still get to see rich but fat people? While most of us look out for shortcuts to losing weight,but they aren’t short cuts in reality. These options might be tempting for sure since they require minimum commitment and efforts. But they […]

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