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10 Best Probiotic Foods and How They Affect Your Gut Health

Medically Reviewed by Sindhu Vas – Post Graduate in Nutrition and Food science According to studies our gut health is important for our overall well-being. The gut is our gastrointestinal tract which is made up of a whole host of microbes that keeps our body and brain functioning in an optimal manner. The gut microbes determine the way we […]

10 Best and Worst Foods for Weight Loss – Pledge Health Today!

The foods you eat can determine your body weight in a big way. Some foods help in the weight loss process whereas some food leads to weight gain and obesity. Therefore it is important to consciously choose foods that help weight loss. 10 best foods that aid weight loss. When eaten regularly, these foods will […]

8 Symptoms That You Are Affected By Leptospirosis

Leptospirosis is a bacterial infection that humans get from animals. Dogs, farm animals, and even rodents spread the disease. The animals in many cases do not show any symptoms, but can be the carriers. A human can get the disease if he has an open wound that comes into contact with water or soil where […]

Ladies, Look Younger and Fit at Every Age with a Healthy Diet!

how to increase metabolism after 40

Among all the factors that a woman needs to take care of with her passing age, what really requires utmost attention is her health. Women, with every decade, experience an irreversible change and ageing that can be managed well with a healthy diet, healthy lifestyle or any other precautions taken earlier! A healthy diet, an […]

How Does Drinking Wine Help You Lose Weight? | Possible


Losing weight is as tedious a task as climbing a steep and bulky rock. Alas, all the weight loss plans get ruined within a couple of days as these are difficult to follow for a long time. Table of Content What is Red Wine?  Nutritional facts about red wine  Some associated benefits of red wine  […]

6 Reasons Why Nutritionists Recommend Eating Small Meals More Number Of Times For Weight Loss

Small, frequent meals for weight loss

There are a lot of us struggling with weight issues and do not know how to get healthier. Nutritionists recommend that eating small meals at frequent intervals is good for weight loss. Usually, we try to fill up our plates and stomach with a lot of food and then get drowsy throughout the day. Doing this is […]

How Does Drinking Tea And Coffee Lead To Weight Loss?

Tea and Coffee

The green coffee vs. green tea debate for weight loss has been doing the rounds for a while now. While green tea has carved a niche for itself in the weight loss and fitness world, green coffee (which are unroasted coffee beans) seems to be attracting a lot of attention too. So, who wins the […]

3 Ways To Make Healthy Karela/Bitter Gourd Taste Better

Healthy bitter gourd

Bitter gourd is a green coloured, a ridged vegetable which is not preferred by the many but has myriad of therapeutic benefits. Unlike its other family members, its characteristic is prolonged bitter, astringent taste. According to Ayurveda, consumption of karela is essential to balance body doshas or constitution, keeping in balance and preventing ailments. Table […]

Why Is It Important To Have Sour Foods In Our Diet?

Sour foods

When I say sour foods, I can imagine the picture of a lemon or the meme of baby tasting lemon for the first time. These variety of sour foods are not just adding tanginess and taste to our food but also are capable of imparting innumerable health benefits. Table of Contents Sour taste in Ayurveda […]

Greens That You Can Eat That Is Not Spinach And Their Health Benefits

Healthy Green Vegetables

Healthy vegetables rich in nutrients and phytonutrients are an integral part of our plate of a balanced diet. When we say green vegetables, it is not just confined to leafy vegetables but include other green colored, nutrient dense vegetables as well. Table of Contents Asparagus Green peas Broccoli Lettuce  Bitter gourd Still remember that aversion […]


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