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5 Reasons why excess weight might be preventing you from conceiving


Overview: Any malfunction in one the above steps could lead to infertility. During this entire process, certain fertility influencing physiological changes involving hormones occur. Your weight plays an important role in conception. Maintaining a healthy weight is the primary requisite to help you conceive and sustain a normal pregnancy culminating in the birth of a […]

All About Yo-Yo Weight Gain & Loss | What You Should Do To Prevent This?


Have you ever heart about the yo-yo diet? This diet plan is also known as weight cycling. There are many who have tried this diet and have given their reviews on the same. But this diet is considered as a huge mess up for a lot of reasons. Initially this diet will help you reduce […]

6 Reasons Why Losing Belly Fat Is Tough & What You Should Do About It!

belly fat

Lose Belly Fat : Ever stood in front of the mirror gazing all the belly fat that you have carried since so long and wondering how to get rid of the same? Losing belly fat is not easy. It is important to diet, workout and keep healthy to lose weight. The struggle is real. Other […]

How are Overweight And Snoring Related? | Possible


Overweight & Snoring- Extra body weight has been associated with many health conditions, such as heart problems. But being overweight or obese can affect another crucial area of your health like your sleep habits. Many studies show that people who are overweight and obese sleep less than those with lower BMIs. One of the day […]

Weight Loss Challenge for Women’s In Their 30’s | Possible


Weight loss challenge in women! Yes! Losing weight is a challenge in itself, whether you are in your 20s or 30s. However, it may get tricky to lose weight if you are in your 30s. Why? People who are in the 30s, especially women require more time and energy to normalise fluctuating metabolism.  Also, if a […]

How Rapid Weight Loss Can Impact Your Muscle Mass, Metabolism & Body fat

Impact of rapid weight loss on body

Rapid weight loss is what many concerned individuals desire, but is it really healthy? Losing or gaining weight is a gradual process. It takes time, and there is a logic behind it. If the process takes place too quickly, it can impact your health. As one never gain weight in just one day, so weight […]

How Does Drinking Wine Help You Lose Weight? | Possible


Losing weight is as tedious a task as climbing a steep and bulky rock. Alas, all the weight loss plans get ruined within a couple of days as these are difficult to follow for a long time. Table of Content What is Red Wine?  Nutritional facts about red wine  Some associated benefits of red wine  […]

What Is Perimenopause & How It Can Affect Your Weight | Possible

Perimenopause and its impact on weight

Perimenopause is a transition that starts taking place a few years before menopause. During this time, the ovaries start making less estrogen. It usually starts when a woman is in her 40s, but in some cases, it can start as early as 30s as well. Table of Content Duration of Menopause   Symptoms of Menopause   Perimenopause […]

7 Tips For Men In Their 30’s To Lose Excess Fat And Build Muscle Tone


All men desire to lose weight and fat and have strong toned muscles. Those men who are in their 30’s generally do not have such bodily privilege as they have excess fat in their system and due to the lack of proper exercise and diet, their muscles are not very strong and are not well […]

10 Points To Know About Obesity Pattern In Women | Possible


Medically reviewed by Shanmukha Priya, M.Phil and Ph.D. in Food Science and Nutrition Women are more health conscious and count calories whenever and whatever they eat. Despite this fact, it is generally found that female suffer from obesity more than their male counterparts. It is important to know that obesity in women has a different pattern compared […]


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