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4 Ways To Correct Your Posture To Prevent Fat Belly And Big Hips

Postures to prevent fat belly and large hips

Do you feel uncomfortable to sit with your back straight on a chair? Do you find difficulty in bending your hips to touch your feet with your hands? If yes, then your body posture is not right, and you are in trouble of developing belly fat and a larger hips sooner or later. Table of […]

Secrets To Jahnvi Kapoor’s Healthy And Ravishing Looks

Secrets to Jahnvi Kapoor's ravishing beauty

Right from her movie promotions to off-duty looks, Janhvi Kapoor knows just the right tricks to keep her skin looking fresh, dewy and glowing. The latest heartthrob of the nation is here to slay and is already at it. So before we give you a sneak peek into her beauty and workout regime, let us […]

Significance Of Liver Health And Its Impact On Body’s Weight

Impact of liver health on weight

Liver health – A healthy liver is important for all of us. Majority of us do not really know the importance of the liver. and lot of us have the habit to smoke and drink our way out. But doing this is really bad for your liver. Table of Contents: What are fatty liver cells? […]

Effects Of Black Coffee On Your Health & Does It Help In Weight Loss?

Black coffee for weight loss

Medically reviewed by Shanmukha Priya, M.Phil and Ph.D. in Food Science and Nutrition For all you coffee lovers, there is definitely no substitute for a hot brewed cup of coffee! The refreshing aroma not just stimulates our brain but also brings that big smile on our face. We all prefer to have our cup of coffee prepared […]

7 Best Probiotic Foods You Should Have For Weight Loss

Probiotic foods for weight loss

Weight loss can be challenging and requires a lot of motivation and hard work to be accomplished. Other than exercising and working out one also needs to maintain their diet and make a planned schedule for the day to get their desired weight goals. Table of Contents What is probiotic? Some of the easily found […]

How To Snack Right For Weight Management When You Have Diabetes

Right snacking for weight management in diabetes

The right kind of snacking choice is a must for diabetics. Snacks are a power source of energy, squeezed between the main meals of the day. If you are suffering from diabetes, you need to be very cautious about what you eat. Diabetes is a chronic disease that needs life-term management. Diabetes is known to […]

How To Avoid Weight Gain During The Festive Season

Guilt-free celebration this Diwali

Who doesn’t get excited about the Festival time? One is thrilled about all the festivities, clothes, parties, fun time with family, and delicious food. But this is also the time when people tend to gain weight. It has been found that people gain weight up to 2 kg during the festival season. While it may […]

What Is Super Carb Diet & How It Helps In Weight loss?

Super Carb diet

Super Carb Diet – Obesity is a curse which often invites numerous health issues such as diabetes, heart strokes, thyroid, knee pains, arthritis, etc. Moreover, an obese person has low self-esteem which also adversely his/her professional and personal life. Table of Contents What is a super carb diet? How the idea of super carb diet […]

7 Healthy Sleeping Guidelines For Effective Weight Management

Healthy sleep for healthy weight

If losing weight is your resolution for the year and you are already on a diet, then sleeping is another area that you should focus on. Yes, you read it right. Sleeping can affect your weight management if not done in the right way. A good amount of sleep is as important as dieting and […]

Importance Of Water Intake In Weight Loss & Ways To Increase The Intake

Water intake for weight loss

How many times how you heard people around you say ‘drink water its good for your health’? Not only this, but drinking water is also good for weight reduction. Yes, drinking water can do wonders on your weight loss issue. We all want that best body where we can wear what we like and flaunt […]


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